Kind of Custom Cosmetic Boxes you need to Pitch Products to Salons

Many cosmetic brands sell their products not only to individuals but to salons as well. For business to business selling, you invariably need professional packaging especially if you intend to reach out to top salons. OPI, Derma Care and a lot of renowned brands have an exclusive range of products that are avidly purchased and used by salons. If you want to sell your manicure, pedicure, skincare and makeup items to popular salons, it is important to pitch your products in quality packaging. Branding details for these cosmetic boxes should have a different tone as compared to the ones for regular customers. In order to build yourself a credible and unique brand identity, you need to address the concerns and needs of salons. This can go a long way in building your connections and loyal partners. Here are a few useful packaging tips that will assist you in earning trust and business from salons!

Quality Custom Cosmetic Box Packaging

An acclaimed salon will give prior value to its customers’ satisfaction and delight. That means it will lookout for the best quality products to use in facials, manicure, pedicure, and other services. If you want to sell your cosmetics successfully to top-notch salons, invest in the quality of your cosmetic packaging boxes. Ask your printer to give you stock options and pick the one that protects your products on shelves and counters. Overall finishing of your product boxes also depends on the kind of printing material you choose, so be very meticulous about it. Don’t think about saving up a few bucks, it can lead to the loss of a potential business opportunity.

Easy to Utilize Cosmetic Boxes

While designing your product packaging for salons, keep in mind the fact that the products would be used by the staff at the salon. The instructions and usage of various scrubs, masks, oils, and other products should be printed clearly on your custom cosmetic packaging boxes. If there is a ratio in which a product can work efficiently during a facial treatment, do mention it on your packaging. Similarly, list down if there are any allergic components in your formulation or if a particular scrub is solely for dry skin and shouldn’t be used on the sensitive one. Having detailed packaging will build your trust as a brand that has a dependable product range.

Handy Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Choose the style of your salon packaging products considering that they will be used by multiple people. A manicure polisher should be easy to open, handle and store. Offer user-friendly packaging so that a salon worker doesn’t find it a hassle to deal with your products during rush hours when he/she has to multitask. Your custom cosmetic boxes for eye shadows, lip colors, eyeliners, mascaras, and other makeup items should be easy to use and stock up. They should retain the texture of these products and protect them from getting crumbled or dried up.

Professional Branding Details on Cosmetic Boxes

You should highlight the benefits of salon products in a professional tone on your packaging. If a certain cosmetic item has been tested by dermatologists and has been certified as useful, you need to have that printed vividly on your cosmetic packaging.

If you are already the official product supplier of any renowned salon, do mention it on your packaging. List down the number of years you have been in the business along with the variety of product range you have, this will strengthen your brand’s image and exposure.


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