premature ageing

6 Ways to Prevent Premature Skin Ageing

Change is the constant of our lives, and our health is no exception to this!

Ageing is the natural process human bodies go through. We see the grey hair strands, experience joint pain and observe the change in skin texture as the signs of ageing. Among all these, one important thing people are mostly worried about is the changes in skin and its texture.

Types of skin ageing

Without any exception, everyone wants youthful and glowing skin. Not all skin ageing is similar and there are two different types of skin ageing, including;

  • Intrinsic ageing- the type of ageing that is due to changes over time and our genes are mainly responsible for this.
  • Extrinsic ageing- the type of ageing before we reach a certain age and is due to environmental factors and lifestyle. This is also known as premature ageing and is the one that can be largely controlled.

Signs of premature ageing

Though we can’t completely change or slow revert the process of ageing, there is a lot that can be done to slow it down. Premature ageing, in particular, is hard to embarrass and can be very difficult to live with. However, premature ageing can be completely avoided and you can revert it. Some common signs of premature ageing include;

  • Sunspots on the skin
  • Dull skin
  • Reduced volume around the face
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Wrinkled and sagging skin
  • Lip’s thinning
  • Fine lines on the skin
  • Spider veins on the face

How to reduce premature skin ageing?

Premature skin ageing can be completely treated, my friend got treated for it at the skin club of Rawalpindi and within a few months, she got better to a greater extent. Here are some of the ways to reduce premature skin ageing, including;

Sun protection

Believe it or not, the sun plays an important and most important role in affecting our skin. From our skin colouration to the textural changes, sunlight is responsible for it all. You need to protect your skin from harmful skin rays to minimize premature ageing of your skin. To minimize the sun’s damage, you can apply sunscreen while staying indoors as well as try covering your skin as much as possible.

Look out for your lifestyle habits

Your lifestyle habits play a key role in premature skin ageing. Some of these lifestyle habits include smoking, physical activity and your diet, of course. Thus, you can ensure the following things to minimize the lifestyle caused damage to your skin, including;

  • Eat a nutritionally adequate and balanced diet to provide all the necessary nutrients that keep your skin alive.
  • Ensure physical activity to improve your blood circulation and kick start your immune system to improve your skin health.
  • Quit smoking and minimize your alcohol intake to reduce the skin ageing process.

Good skincare routine

Many people completely miss out and choose the wrong skincare routine that can let their skin age faster. Therefore, it is important to choose the right skincare routine and use the products that best match your skin type and don’t damage it. Some of the good skincare practices can be keeping your skin hydrated, cleansing it daily and exfoliating it at regular intervals.

Wear eye protective equipment

One of the prominent causes of skin wrinkles is the continuous squinting that can be avoided by wearing eye protective equipment. Thus, it is recommended to wear sunglasses to reduce wrinkle formation, an important sign of skin ageing.

Avoid tanning

No matter if you are choosing a tanning bed for tanning, remember you are ageing your skin prematurely. Tanning beds, just like the sun, emit harmful radiations that are damaging to your skin. If you want to tan, make sure you go for self-tanning rather than relying on these artificial methods.

A retinol cream might help

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and applying a vitamin A cream might help to limit premature skin ageing of the skin. You can consult your dermatologist and ask for a recommended retinol cream to keep your ageing in check.


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