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How to Remove Your Makeup

Makeup is the most fun and exciting part of grooming and without any doubt, you girls love to do this. While applying the make-up is the fun part but when it comes to removing the makeup, it becomes so frustrating to remove it since it is hard to remove. Makeup is stubborn when stuck on your face and simply water and face wash are not able to pull it out. Therefore, you need to use some other tricks that we are going to discuss in the post read on.

However, putting on the right makeup and using the right products also plays a role here. You need to choose a good beauty salon. And for this, an online salon booking app helps you in choosing the right beauty salon in your locality. You don’t have to wait in the lobby, just book the appointment and visit at a slotted time. Also, these beauty parlors can guide you in removing makeup the right way.

So, here are easy yet effective ways to Remove Makeup:

Wipe off eye makeup

The first step to start with is by removing your stubborn eye makeup. Since the eyes are a sensitive area and you need to be cautious. Don’t put the cotton pad or makeup remover into your eyes. What you have to do is take a cotton pad and pour some amount of makeup remover on it. Close your eyes, wipe off the mascara, eyeshadow gently, without rubbing your eyes. Place the cotton pad on your eyes and gently remove it by massaging. You are done. 

Avoid using baby wipes

Most people use baby wipes to clean their makeup, however, this isn’t true. Baby wipes are undoubtedly for sensitive skin that is not effective for removing makeup. Your makeup is stubborn and hard to remove and baby wipes don’t have any effective compound to help remove your makeup. This doesn’t help to remove makeup, in fact, the makeup will settle down into your skin and cause several skin issues so avoid using it as soon as possible.

Use cleanser

After removing your makeup with micellar water or any gentle makeup remover, make sure to cleanse your face with a face wash thoroughly. Gently massage your skin in a circular motion with face wash so that all dirt and impurities come out from the skin. It ensures the proper deep cleansing process. Therefore, no residue is left on the skin that can cause pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin woes. Use a gentle and effective cleanser based on your skin type.

Be gentle with your skin

While removing the makeup, most of the women rub their skin harshly to remove makeup. That’s a big no. Use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover that helps to remove stubborn makeup. However, rubbing the skin can lead to several skin conditions so avoid it completely. For making the process smooth, have some cleansing oil and apply it to the makeup so that you don’t have to run like crazy.

Remove excess oil

After removing your eye and face makeup, there might be a little bit of makeup left then you need to repeat the process. Take a cotton pad and pour some amount of cleaning oil on it. Again, gently rub this on your eye and face in a circular motion to remove the excess oil if any. So, this is the easiest and efficient way to remove any makeup left on your skin. After that, take a dry cotton pad and remove the excess cleansing oil after wiping off your makeup thoroughly.

Use oil-based makeup remover

Why are we recommending oil-based makeup remover? Because your skin has oil and makeup that is not easy to remove with a water-based cleanser. That’s why oil cuts the oil and the oil-based remover can only help you to remove the makeup gently. Especially, for lipstick, if the lipstick is long-wearing and pigmented then you have to remove it only with the oil-based remover. However, a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover can definitely help to remove normal lipsticks.

What to do after removing the makeup?

Now, we assume that you gently remove the makeup and cleanse the skin thoroughly. It can make your skin dry and irritated. So, after that, you have to apply toner, moisturizer, or serum whichever you want to use. You will wake up with clean and hydrated skin the next morning. Therefore, the next day you jump onto the sunscreen and moisturizer without worrying about the cleansing process as you have clearly done it. 

If you have oily skin, you need to wash your face again in the morning, otherwise, dry skin doesn’t need to be wiped. However, it completely depends on your skin but the main thing is to cleanse your face before bed and moisturize it as well.


Removing makeup is the toughest thing but this process will make your efforts easy and quick. You can go for a makeup remover available in the market and wipe off your makeup in one go. However, some natural ways help to cleanse thoroughly and gently. We hope you found this helpful and will surely gonna try this out.

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