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Meet Angel Reese, An All-round Basketball Player And Sportswoman

Angel Reese is that all-around basketball player every basketballer aspires to be. She is smart, business savvy, beautiful, and athletic. Angel is well-known in the basketball community for her playing skills and achievements. Well, it’s not strange to see Angel excel in basketball, since she comes from a family of professional sports players. This article will highlight many things about Angel, such as Angel Reese net worth.

Personal life


Angel’s parents divorced before she was a teen. As a result, she grew up with her sibling and mother in America. The 21-year-old Maryland native started playing basketball at a tender age. Her parents played basketball and also joined professional teams, just like Angel. Her dad and mom were divorced when Angel was young. But Angel’s mom and grandparents brought up Angel and her brother.


Angel’s mother was once a professional basketballer until her retirement. In addition, she played for the UMBC varsity team and won many awards and recognitions. Then she joined the Luxembourg professional team and played for them. Angel’s father was also a college and professional basketballer who has played for many international teams.

Furthermore, Angel’s brother is currently a player for his college basketball team. While her stepbrother plays basketball professionally too.


Angel Reese, went to an American high school in her hometown. She is a black American who grew up in a sports-inclined household. Later on, she was recruited to play for the Maryland team. Unfortunately, she was injured around 2020 to 2021 and this interrupted her season.

University Education

Contrary to people’s expectations, Angel didn’t major in sports or any sport-related course in college. She studied communications at a higher institution in her hometown. The reason for this is that Angel is interested in modeling and broadcasting. People were surprised to learn this, as both career choices are not related to sports. Angel wishes to pursue her career as a model and broadcaster when she retires as a basketball player.


Angel is dating fellow basketballer Cam’Ron, who plays for the men’s team in Florida.

Basketball career

Interest in basketball

Angel got her love and passion for her current career from her mom. She used to play against her brother while at home. As she grew older, she started playing for her hometown team. Her mom was also part of this team when she was young. Angel was put on teams that were higher and more challenging for someone of her age. She excelled and was one of their best basketballers.

High school basketball

Angel played high school basketball in the US. She was the team’s point guard and played her role well during matches during her first season.

College Team

Angel joined various varsity teams while in college. For example, she was an LSU player and set several records for herself while there. Then she proceeded to join the NBA to play professionally.

Professional teams

Angel joined the NBA and proved her skills there once again. She participated in various local and national basketball tournaments. Furthermore, Angel didn’t limit herself to local and national games. Angel has played on an international level and represented her country at the 2023 FIBA’s America Cups for Women. Her team won a medal at the event. Her journey into professional basketball has helped to grow Angel Reese net worth.

Achievements and recognitions

  • While in high school in 2020, she was honored with the All-American award by McDonald’s.

      .  A major and reputable sports channel ranked her as the second-best player among her teammates in high school.

  • As a college player, Angel made the All-American third-team list. This happened right before she left for another institution.
  • She was picked to join the LSU team in her second year of college. Angel led her team to win a national championship, a first for the institution.
  • Furthermore, Angel set records at the NCAA and SEC matches. Not only that, she earned an award after her first season ended.

Interesting facts about Angel

  • She played other sports apart from basketball in her early years. These include track and field, ballet, and swimming.
  • Her teammates at the AAU program were gifted players such as Madison Scott, and so on. These teammates were also ranked high by ESPN.
  • Angel mostly gets inspiration from WNBA players like Maya Moore, Candace Parker, and so on. She is also inspired by Muggsy Bogues who is also a native of Baltimore, her hometown.
  • She is related to NBA and NCAA championship winner, Jordan Hawkins. The two are cousins.
  • One of her coaches in the past is Ron James. He was her coach during her time with her team for the AAU program in the United States. The program was put together to give young athletes the chance to participate in the Nike EYBL matches.
  • She is a brand ambassador for many brands, including sportswear brands. This has therefore contributed significantly to Angel Reese net worth.


Lastly, Angel knew how to balance school with sports. She didn’t let one affect the other. Perhaps this is why she was on the honor roll after she graduated from high school. This was also why she remained one of their most valuable players in her high school. And as an adult, she has managed her professional, business, and personal lives well so that one doesn’t disturb the other. This is why Angel Reese net worth hasn’t declined till now.


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