Matt Rife

TikTok Star Turned Comedian – Meet Matt Rife

Have you ever stumbled upon some hilarious content from Matt Rife? Maybe you’ve seen his witty videos or heard about his stand-up performances. Well, get ready because we’re about to spill all the beans about this rising star.

Birth, Parents, and Education

Matt Rife was born on September 10, 1995, in Columbus, Ohio. He grew up in North Lewisburg and also lived in New Albany and Mount Vernon.

His journey into comedy began at the age of 14, when a teacher mentioned a talent show at his high school. Encouraged by a friend, he performed at the show and started his professional career at just 15 years old.

Matt has four siblings: three older stepsisters and one younger half-sister. Tragically, his father, Michael Eric Gutzke, died by suicide when Matt was only 17 months old.

Matt Rife: From TikTok to Comedy Stardom

Teenage Start

At just 15 years old, Matt Rife stepped onto the comedy stage. His early exposure came through Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out”, where he showcased his talent. Co-hosting the reboot of “TRL” (Total Request Live) further solidified his presence in the entertainment world.

Struggles and Hustle

Before fame, Matt faced challenges. He performed stand-up shows, sometimes without pay, selling only 70 tickets per show on average. But his determination fueled his hustle, and he continued to hone his craft.

TikTok Breakthrough

Enter TikTok! Matt decided to share his comedic content on this platform, despite initial skepticism. One video changed everything – it garnered 20 million views in just a few days! Suddenly, Matt went viral, and every subsequent video followed suit.

Social Media Impact

Matt now boasts 16.3 million followers on TikTok and 5.2 million followers on Instagram. His clips catapulted his stand-up career to new heights. As he puts it, “Social media has changed everything for me.”

World Tour and Netflix Special

Matt’s world tour caused a Ticketmaster ruckus, akin to Taylor Swift’s ticket sales frenzy. His Netflix special, “Natural Selection,” showcases his comedic prowess and marks a significant milestone in his career.

Matt Rife: Dating History & Relationship

Kate Beckinsale

In 2017, when Matt was just 21 years old, he reportedly dated the talented actress Kate Beckinsale. Kate, at the time, was 43. Their romance was relatively private, but Matt later made headlines for his comments about Kate and Pete Davidson, who was also linked to her.

In a March 2019 interview, Matt encouraged Pete to “run” away from Kate. However, he later realized he had been a “petty a******” and apologized. While Kate Beckinsale and Matt Rife’s relationship didn’t last, it certainly caught people’s attention.

Jessica Lord

Currently, Matt Rife is in a relationship with Jessica Lord, an actress and dancer.

Jessica was born in Rochdale, England, but she spent most of her childhood in Canada. Her accent is a unique blend of British, Scottish, and Canadian tones.

Matt confirmed their romance in July 2023, and they’ve been together ever since. Despite his busy schedule, Matt has found love with Jessica, who has become an important part of his life.

Social Media Stardom


On TikTok, Matt Rife has a whopping following of over eighteen million. He’s the most popular stand-up comedian on this growing platform. His predominantly young female audience is passionate and loves to share everything he does. No need for advertising – they promote his content enthusiastically.

Instagram and YouTube

Matt extends his reach beyond TikTok. He has 7.2 million followers on Instagram and a significant presence on YouTube. Through these platforms, he shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of his life, thoughts on current events, and, of course, his signature humor.


His X account has 342.5 K followers

Self-Produced Specials

Matt’s fans played a crucial role in funding his first special, OnlyFans (not to be confused with the platform of the same name). Donations totaled more than $17,000 through crowdfunding. His second special, Matthew Steven Rife,” premiered on and completely sold out.

Net Worth

Matt Rife, the American comedian, actor, and TikTok star, has a net worth of $30 million. His journey from self-produced comedy specials like “Only Fans,” “Matthew Steven Rife,” and “Walking Red Flag” to competing on the NBC reality comedy competition show “Bring the Funny” in 2019 has been nothing short of remarkable.

Rife’s diverse career also includes appearances in films such as “Black Pumpkin,” “The Elevator,” “Just Swipe,” and “North of the 10.”

In 2023, he earned an impressive $25 million from various income sources, making him one of the 10 highest-paid social media stars that year. His rise to fame showcases the power of social media and hard work!

Bottom Line

Matt Rife went from dancing on TikTok to making people laugh on stage. His journey, fueled by social media and hard work, showcases the power of following your passion.


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