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The Woman Behind the Man – Lewis Hamilton’s Romantic Relation

If it comes to Lewis Hamilton’s dating, it is always interesting to see what’s going to be next. The list of single ladies whom this famous sportsman has dated is rather spectacular and catchy. What is the main reason why this and many guys like him tend to be looking for their only one charming lady for so long? Let’s figure it out and clarify what stands behind the status of being someone’s girlfriend, and let’s begin by checking out Lewis Hamilton’s list of girlfriends. 

The Role F1 Girlfriends Play in Their Partner’s Success

F1 drivers’ girlfriends tend to bring success. But how? It’s easy. They play a PR role in the success of the F1 business. Therefore, people who are interested not in actual F1 drivers but in more rumors and gossip tend to visit rallies and spend bucks to get to know, at least, the answers to their questions. Their main questions would be like, ¨Who sleeps with Lewis Hamilton now?¨ etc. 

It is never enough for some categories of gossip-seekers to be aware of the facts. They always need more and are ready to pay those who will give this data to them in a clear manner. Probably and likely, Lewis Hamilton is not the kind of macho who dates and changes partners every year, but tabloids are meant to reveal him in this way. For men, he will seem to be a hero or alpha male, while for women, he might set the example of how relationships should go on. 

The Best Personals: 6 Famous Lewis Hamilton’s Girlfriends

According to various sources, Lewis Hamilton has been dating several girls. Really? You will never know whether these stories online are facts or just rumors because PR agencies do know how to mind their own business. However, let’s try to portray the six famous Lewis Hamilton girlfriends’ list. 

Vivian Burkhardt (2008)

Vivian Burkhardt, or former Miss World, was spotted in a romantic relationship with Lewis. He invited her to a party in a Switzerland house, and the couple was noticed on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Unfortunately, the relationship with the German model ended quickly. 

Nicole Scherzinger (2008-2015)

This kind of relationship was full of setbacks and split-ups. The American singer affected him so much that these relationships influenced his championship in 2011. Note that Nicole Scherzinger was there in 2008 with him, cheering him up when he got his championship supporting him. However, all things ended in 2015 for them as a couple. 

Veronica Valle (2015)

Veronica and the Mercedes Star had an unsolid relationship. She accused him of having temper issues. Probably, that is why it did not work out for them, and they decided to split up. She claimed more of his bad sides, making him look less attractive in the eyes of other girls, perhaps because of jealousy. 

Sofia Richie (2017)

Lewis has been noticed dating Sofia during Paris Fashion Week. There was a 14-year-old age difference between them, making it hard for them to move on as a couple. Therefore, their relationship collapsed very quickly. 

Nicki Minaj (2016,1018)

There have been many rumors about these celebrities that have not been quite clarified so far. They have been spotted together at the Alexander Wang fashion show that took place in 2016. They were also seen together in 2018. They held hands at the lunch party despite never revealing to the public that they were a couple. Maybe they were just good friends, but holding hands seems suspicious, doesn’t it?

Zahra Elise (2019)

Lewis and Zahra were spotted in Los Angeles, where he put his hands on her neck at a petrol station in 2019. However, their close friends and people around them claim that they are just good friends. It is weird to call someone a friend after putting your hands on their body, right?

How do you differentiate a friend from a lover?

It is very interesting how to tell the difference between a friend and a lover. In the case of Lewis Hamilton, it was quite clear that it seemed that he was just a friend for most girls, and they just used his good name for fame reasons. To prevent you from any potential guys and girls like that, here is a list of the main features of a good friend and lover to check out. 

Features of a just a good friend:

Features of a just a good friend:Features of a lover:
He is always there to listen to youHe eagers physical relationships
He does not want sex.He can be a good friend, but his main target is not that one.
He is like your bestie.He needs to see you more than to hear you.

Who is Lewis Hamilton dating now?

Victoria Odintsova seems to be the queen of Hamilton’s heart right now. She is a Russian model, and it seems like the distance cannot break up their relationship. No one knows how long these relationships will last, but we know that Lewis will never give up. That is why he remains a Mercedes star and winner because being a successful person is all about not giving up and always rising, even if it does not work out. 


To sum up, you can look successful with all those beautiful single ladies in your photos with you. However, you should ask yourself whether it is what you want. Being a winner can be revealed through having a long girlfriends list like Lewis Hamilton had, but you would better make sure whether it is worth wasting your time on such a multitude of girls and better focus on what is necessary. It is up to you whether to lead a lifestyle like Lewis Hamilton has, but note that in some cases, it might require titanium efforts to date a girl you like just because she lives overseas. 


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