Boost Your Business With Custom Sublimation Shirts

With the designs and words that intrigue you as you pass by, there are many times when you will see people wearing these interesting looking t-shirts with custom sublimation shirts. These shirts are actually promotional shirts though they might seem to be like your average looking shirt.

These shirts have specific images and words that are printed, unlike the regular ones which might have images like the cartoon figures, animals, or sporting logos that are printed on them.

You might have seen great scenes from a new movie that you have only heard about and have never seen for example. As lots of people wear custom all over print shirts whereas you will actually need to see a trailer or news item to hear about the new movie release, these t-shirts bear the promotional aspect of the movie that is carried out with a greater impact.

As you go about your daily lives, you have seen various types of these promotional shirts that depict the colorful characters and movie scenes that are sure to capture the interest of the teens as well as the children.

To capture the interest of a potential target audience, movies are not the only event that uses these clothes. Concerts, exhibitions, and tours that use this publicity are the other events with custom sublimation shirts.

1. You can sublimate a number of profitable items

We are sure that snowboards, metal sheets, and floor mats are not the applications that naturally strike your minds when people use the term “dye-sublimation”. There are various ranges of printers which offer cost-effective customizations of everything ranging from larger banners to ceramic tiles as dye-sublimation of both fabric and rigid materials are now possible.

By penetrating the surface of the substrate with ink, dye-sublimation works on. To enable the bonding of the ink, man-made materials such as nylon, certain plastics, and polyester fabrics contain polymers when heated.

Instead of being printed on the surface, dye-sublimation printing yields beautiful and permanent colors which are embedded in the substrate or the fabric. Even after multiple washing, images on the fabric will not fade or crack with the help of sublimation clothing printing.

The following are the materials that are used in this process:

Rigid substrates: There is a wealth of variety in products and promotional possibilities which are available as there it is no longer limited to just the fabric substrates. Including that of aluminum, brass, glass, fiberglass, acrylic, plastic and hardboard sheet materials as new polymer treated materials have been developed.

Tough products: Including mouse pads, key chains, smartphone cases, pet bowls, light switch plates and more, and the tough blank products widely have all of them. To the range of custom branding items which your business offers, these are easily sublimated and represents fantastic additions well within.

Fabric: All you need is to choose from 100% polyester fabric.

2. The use of various machines for dye sublimation printing

In the very process of dye-sublimation, printing is only the first step. You need to have heat and pressure for the sublimation to take place.

A successful digital printing process involves two steps:

  • Using sublimation inks you need to print graphics onto special transfer paper.
  • To the item which you want to decorate you need to use a heat press to transfer the ink-on-paper in a successful digital sublimation printing process.

There are many added benefits of using this machine. These are based on advanced technology is what the first and foremost advantage is. In improving the productivity of the production houses, the use of advanced technology helps in. The number of steps involved in the printing process is reduced using this technology.

In a wide array of specifications, the sublimation printing machine suppliers are offering their product range in. On the latest technology, these machines are perfectly based in. these consume less power during operation which is the main benefit of using these machines.

These machines need very less maintenance for longer operating life moreover. So, now you do have a clear idea of how the sublimation printing technique can be used for your business helping it to grow and develop further.


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