Hocus Pocus Outfits
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The Hocus Pocus Style Inspirations

Are you obsessed with dressing your loved ones in Hocus Pocus matching outfits for Halloween? Look no further. There are many Hocus Pocus outfits for you and your family out there. Some of them include Beauty and the Beast, Grease, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and so on. Getting these outfits together requires time, planning, and sometimes, money.

How To Choose The Right Hocus Pocus Costume

Getting it right when you select Halloween outfits for yourself and your family isn’t an easy task. The first step is to get everybody on board with the Hocus Pocus outfits you come up with. That is, each member of your family must like the individual characters chosen. The next is to get the right size of clothing that fits each of your family members. This can be an issue, especially if you have very young children. Here are some Hocus Pocus clothes ideas for you.

Danny Dennison

If you have a young adult male at home, get one of these Hocus Pocus outfits for them. You can make it yourself or buy readymade ones online. In addition, if you want a young boy to wear this, modify it to suit the boy’s taste.

How To Make:

  • Get a man’s large shirt (red), better if it’s two sizes larger than your size. This will help you achieve a baggy style.
  • Create a zigzag shape.
  • Make moons and stars with the aid of puffy paint in yellow color.
  • Then slit the front of the shirt from the neckline down.
  • Add a small detail to the neckline with black strings.
  • Furthermore, use a punch hole tool to punch holes into a black scarf. Buy one if there is no black scarf at home.
  • Do this round the scarf, put the orange yarn into the hole, and knot it. Doing this might consume lots of your time, but bear with it. It will add character to your costume.
  • Decorate the edge of a witch hat with ribbons.
  • Lastly, pair the outfit with some boots, tights, and a black shirt.

Billy Butcherson Hocus Pocus Clothes For Men

Families with young adults can try this look as it is simple to emulate. It is even better if you already have a black trouser because then you won’t have to purchase one. Wear the trouser for the lower part of the costume. Add a Gothic jacket with a vintage shirt to the ensemble. Finish it off with a mixture of cream, black, and white makeup and wig.

The Sanderson Sisters Outfits Mary Sanderson Style For Toddlers

For those with toddlers, Mary Sanderson’s Halloween styles are appropriate for Hocus Pocus outfits. One of the major advantages of wearing this is that it’s comfortable for toddlers to do treats or tricks with. However, it may not be perfect, especially if alterations were made. But your toddler will have fun at the end of the day, and that’s what matters. Don’t forget to make Mary Sanderson’s Halloween hairstyle for your child!

Making Mary Sanderson’s Halloween Hair

  • Part your girl’s hair into three.
  • Do an off-center ponytail on your child’s head and secure it with a hairband.
  • Get a black hair spray, the washable one, and spray her hair.
  • Create a small ball by using a bunch of black socks or other soft objects. Secure them to the center of the ponytail with a rubber band/hairband. Note, that most people use water bottles, but it is not comfortable to wear for long for a toddler.
  • Make hair buns with the remaining parted hair to achieve a three-bun hairstyle. Tuck the ends of the three up.
  • Take an eyeliner to draw a small beauty mark on your toddler’s face to make her look unique.

Sarah Sanderson Hocus Pocus Dress

This Halloween-style inspiration can be a bit hard to bring to life. The main issue is the difficulty in getting the correct size for young ones due to the bigger sizes. If the costume you purchase is big for your child, you can simply modify it for her. The costume comes with a very strong corset, so you might need an expert seamstress if you’re not one. You will be amazed by the finished product. To complement the look, do a smokey eye makeup for your child and tidy up her hair. Complement it with a broom and cape if you want.

Winifred Sanderson Halloween Look for Girls

This one is very popular among young girls. Just like the others, it is tailored after Winifred Sanderson. Perhaps due to her special teeth and snarky behavior, the costume is full of characters. Hence, many mothers love to create and dress their daughters in this costume.

Although it might be hard to find the right size for a girl of seven and below, it’s not impossible. You can buy the nearest size, and you can alter it to get the right fit. To complete the Winifred Sanderson look, pair it with red lipstick, boots, and a wig (adult size). Then get your young one to do a Winifred pose in front of the camera.


Finally, once you’re done making the Hocus Pocus outfits for you and your family, rock it well with the right attitude. Research the characters each of you is trying to emulate, their poses, behaviors, and actions. This will help you have an understanding of the costumes and how your family can bring the characters to life.


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