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Ultimate Guide To Find Appropriate Jewelry Display Boxes

For any jewelry retailer, jewelry display boxes are made to protect the jewelry from damage while offering easy access. Poor quality boxes are likely to break easily from the weight or during travel. Therefore, it’s very important to invest in quality display boxes from a reputable supplier. Cheap boxes usually have substandard clamping that doesn’t hold jewelry properly. This exposes the pieces to considerable damage. Read this ultimate guide to finding appropriate jewelry display boxes to make the selection process easier.

Here’s the way to go

You need jewelry display boxes with a well-designed and quality clamping mechanism with a sturdy exterior. Boxes with a leather exterior aren’t a good choice. Leather isn’t durable compared to suede, plastic, and wood when it comes to jewelry display boxes. Using boxes with soft material on the exterior makes them ooze quality and elegant.
High-quality plastic is a wonderful material compared to wood that warps. Metal is another good option but it adds extra weight to the package and grabs attention away from the jewelry. Leather is less durable but makes jewelry boxes get a contemporary look to make the pieces eye-catching in the store.

Other features to consider

The boxes need replacement if you usually transport the jewelry more often. However, ensure to buy quality jewelry displays from a reputable supplier to get good value for money. Luckily, you can find one online to save you from the hassle of moving from one store to another. Ensure to choose a reliable store with a variety of jewelry boxes to choose those that will work for you.

Why the color of the jewelry display boxes matter?

Color of display boxes enhances their aesthetic appeal and it complements your brand color without distraction. Therefore, it pays to choose a color scheme that will get a good reception from your customers. Apart from reinforcing your brand, color significantly enhances the appearance of your jewelry. Aesthetically appealing display boxes are easily noticed especially with a custom logo to reinforce your brand. The unique appearance makes your boxes to stand out from the market and to push your marketing effort forward.

How the jewelry display boxes color increases sales

Regardless of whether your store deals in diamond or costume jewelry, it’s important to always be ahead of your competitors. One of the best ways is to add color to your packaging. Don’t be like regular jewelry stores that have items displayed in generic black velvet or beige displays. Additionally, you don’t have to let your customers take their purchases in white cotton boxes. These plain colors are boring and make the items look cheap.

Here’s a catch

Colorful jewelry display boxes are a trick to make your jewelry stand out. Additionally, beautiful displays give the uniqueness of your piece to make customers buy your jewelry. However, to make the most from your color choice requires using sections. Ensure to display jewelry according to color such as darker gemstones displayed in pink, gray, or white boxes. Displaying dark jewelry in light color boxes makes the jewelry pop. Silver or light-colored jewelry is ideal in dark blue or burgundy boxes.

Displaying the same color jewelry in the same section makes it eye-catching. Mixing the jewelry color in a single section lowers its perceived value of your pieces. Additionally, ensure to have a background of your display boxes in neutral colors. This significantly prevents the background from distracting the finest features of your jewelry.

There’s more

Perhaps you display your jewelry directly in the boxes. Well, have the jewelry displayed in sections with matching type and box color. Be creative by opting for unique colors including pastel pink, cocoa, natural kraft, and deep purple. The trick is to put your jewelry in mind before choosing the display box color. With the right kind of display boxes in the right color, your pieces will significantly stand out to catch customers’ eyes hence more sales.

Bottom line

For any jewelry retailer wishing to take the lead in the industry, the right marketing strategy is the trick. One of the best ways to grab customers’ attention towards your items is by using quality jewelry display boxes in well matching colors is the trick to make your products stand out. Luckily, you just have to visit a reliable packaging supplies store to find a range of display boxes.


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