Menswear Fashion Weeks SS25

Milan Fashion Week Men’s Spring/Summer 2025

Milan Fashion Week Men’s for Spring/Summer 2025 dynamic showcase. It was full of creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange. This took place during Menswear Fashion Weeks SS25. The event was notably energized by a British invasion. It featured debut collections and big presentations. These highlighted the city’s role as a hub of great menswear.

Martine Rose debuted in Milan

Martine Rose's Milan Fashion Weeks

She showed her menswear collections. They are known for their bold influences from underground subcultures. Martin Rose stepped onto the runway on a calm Sunday afternoon. She redefined norms with her avant-garde designs. This ignited a new wave of creativity at Milan Fashion Week Men’s. Her presence was pivotal. It infused the event with new cultural energy. It pushed boundaries in modern fashion.

The venerable Dunhill also shared the limelight


Simon Holloway led it creatively. He unveiled a collection hailed as ‘classic reinvented’. Holloway blended lasting style with a modern twist. This captivated Milan’s fashion fans and reminded them that Dunhill is a bastion of sharp men’s fashion.

Anderson unveiled ‘Real Sleep’

JW Anderson

JW Anderson is based in London. It continued to captivate audiences at Menswear Fashion Weeks SS25 in Milan with its innovative menswear. This season, Anderson unveiled ‘Real Sleep’. It is a thematic exploration inspired by hypnotherapy and the subconscious. Anderson’s skill at combining design with wearable art enriched the fashion dialogue. He did this at Milan Fashion Week. It underscored the label’s dedication to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions in menswear.

The weekend’s lineup was a showcase

Sabato De Sarno

The spotlight shone on established names like Gucci. Sabato De Sarno revealed his second menswear collection. De Sarno took the stage on a Monday morning at Triennale Milano. His showcase exemplified his skill at blending art and fashion. It built on his acclaimed presentation at London’s Tate Modern. This strategic shift underscored Gucci’s strong dedication. They are dedicated to fostering cultural dialogue and artistic exploration in menswear.

Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada were at the helm of Prada

They curated a visionary collection that exalted youth culture and exuberance. The presentation unfolded at Fondazione Prada against the captivating canvas devised by OMA/AMO. It transformed into a ‘fairy tale ravescape.’ This setting underscored the brand’s avant-garde stance on fashion shows. Prada’s collection mixed aged looks with bright colors and patterns. It embodied a rebellious ethos and a spirit of creative exploration.

Highlights of the Collections


Fendi’s menswear collection turned 100 years old. It honored its past by revisiting the company’s archives. Silvia Venturini Fendi introduced a new crest. It has iconic house motifs. They adorned a range of garments that show impeccable Italian craftsmanship. The collection had relaxed, carefree pieces. These included sleeveless rugby tops and boxy shirts. They were shown next to detailed accessories. The accessories featured saddlery stitching and quilted jackets.

Emporio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s Emporio Armani line epitomized a relaxed, languid aesthetic for SS25. The silhouette of the collection was defined by fluid suiting. It was cinched at the waist with woven leather belts and paired with robust boots. The tuxedo jackets were of soft velvet. The trousers were billowy. The safari jackets were short. They showed Armani’s skill at understated elegance. These clothes were in a calming mix of lilac, greige, and sandy colors.


Prada’s SS25 collection by Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada celebrated youth as a symbol of hope and promise for the future. The collection featured messy looks. They included shrunken jumpers, twisted shirts, and brightly colored garments. The clothes were adorned with prints by Bernard Buffet. Vibrant shades like Barbie pink and acid green broke up the mostly muted palette. They made a playful yet introspective feel on the runway.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani unveiled his latest collection at Menswear Fashion Weeks SS25. It mesmerized with its masterful take on deconstructed tailoring. It epitomized the brand’s deep influence on modern menswear. Each ensemble had a seamless blend of elegance and ease. This was shown by the carefully made grey mélange patch pocket jacket. It was layered over a relaxed jersey t-shirt and paired with chic loose-fitting trousers. Armani was dedicated to timeless cuts and sumptuous fabrics. This dedication not only reaffirmed his stature as a visionary in modern menswear. It also set a new standard for sophisticated, accessible style on the global stage.


Valentino surprised audiences with an avant-garde look book for SS25. Alessandro Michele curated it. He did so before his much-anticipated debut in the mainline show in September. It was titled Avant le Debut. The collection marked a big change for the maison. It blended Michele’s whimsical style with Valentino’s haute couture heritage. The extensive showcase covered menswear and womenswear. It underscored Michele’s skill at merging complex design with rich fabrics. It set new standards for the brand.

At the end..

This Menswear Fashion Weeks SS25 is a cornerstone event. It sets trends and steers global menswear into new creative territories.

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