how to wear a kaftan

More Than a Cover-Up: Cool Ways to Wear and Glam Up Your Kaftan

There are different types of Islamic clothing that you can find online or in retail stores. Hijabs as head and face covers, kaftans as dresses, niqabs as headgear, burkas for full-body covering, there are different types of dresses, if you want to go for trendy modest Islamic clothing. Now, if you are wondering about what a kaftan is, you should know that it is a kind of robe or a tunic-type dress that is worn across different cultures and geographical regions of the world. It is also essential and very popular clothing in Islam.

There are daily-wear kaftans for women and some that are made of high-quality silk or wool that are made for special occasions. It is also often worn as an overdress, under which some other dress or small garment can be worn. In that case, the kaftan serves as an outer covering or a long dress that has long sleeves and reached down to the woman’s ankle.

There are ready-to-wear kaftans and ones that you can customize

When you go for trendy modest Islamic clothing then you will find that there are ready-to-wear kaftans that are available and there are also options for customization depending on the style that you have or one that you want to choose. For the summer season, simple cotton kaftans can be of help, whereas for winter seasons you can go for more intricate wear.

The kaftan style can be wrapped or else, if you just want to put the cloak upon your body, then also you can do that. The beautiful safari and the West-African patterns look good when you wear them with long, free-flowing kaftans.  

Choose luxurious Kaftan fabrics that give you a trendy and smart appeal 

You can go for trendy modest Islamic clothing and buy a kaftan that gives a trendy and modern appeal. With the rise in the cost of dress materials all over the world, the way through which you can customize a kaftan also says a lot about what end product you are supposed to get. Hence, while you decide to shop for modest and trendy Islamic clothing, fabric, color, style, cut, and comfortability is some of the basic parameters that you should look through.

  • Kaftans have never really gone out of fashion even now. Earlier, it was worn by the people of the Ottoman empire as a matter of richness, pride, and luxury or during the earlier times, but in recent times also, the kaftan has not lost its contemporaneity at all.
  • There are ways in which women now also wear a kaftan on the beach, to celebrate an outing or a vacation. It acts as a coverup on the beach and gives a distinct taste to the overall dress that one wears. Simple nude or pastel shades, thread, and embroidery works play a distinct role in giving the much-needed stylish quotient to your wardrobe.
  • trendy modest Islamic clothing consists of a unique combination of the chosen threads, customized sizes for all body types, and knitting and covering that keeps the body protected from heat, rain, and extreme cold. Another style with which you can experiment while wearing a kaftan is after knowing the body type.
  • For instance, if you are plus size and have a heavy bust then the right kaftan can give a wonderful look if you wear it with long sleeves and a short V-cut neckline. You can combine wit with sleek silver or gold ornament or else, you can also try out a small belt to accentuate the overall style.
  • A wide leather belt can be combined with the right kaftan. The only way by which you can make your waist look a little slim is by cinching the kaftan that you wear, with a leather belt. Sometimes, belts in a crosshatch or simple cotton or synthetic varieties can also help to enhance the style quotient.

Kaftans: They are the ideal ones for loungewear or brunch wear or even as a sleepwear

If you are interested in trendy modest Islamic clothing and want to experiment with a kaftan, then you can wear it either as a holiday or an afternoon brunch wear or as cozy sleepwear or even as loungewear for a small party or a picnic. You can find both short and long kaftans that are made of cotton threads, and they can be knee-length or ankle-length. If you want to include slim-fit jeans, then also, along with or even a knee-length kaftan dress can be an ideal combination. You can pep up the entire look by including some chunky oxidized or handmade jewelry.

  • You can wear a kaftan for some office party, informal meetings, or even for an after-office cocktail party. If it is the right trendy modest Islamic clothing that you want to shop for, then a kaftan is the best option.
  • The right bag and the right shoes go a long way in making the kaftan designs look more special. If you are habituated to wear heels, then nude heels can match well with a printed kaftan.
  • Along with that, monochrome kaftans that you can wear on a basic white, yellow or black t-shirt can also work well if you want to follow the trend and yet be modest in wearing the right dress.
  • The right piece of jewelry can also be combined with the right kaftan that you wear. If the kaftan is simple, then a dangler or a simple chain and two ear drops and a small bracelet can be paired with the kaftan.
  • If the kaftan is simple, then a simple bracelet can enhance your overall look. An afternoon meeting, an informal gathering of friends, or even a rooftop birthday party or anniversary can be the occasion for which you can buy trendy modest Islamic clothing like a kaftan.

Now there are multiple online portals from which you can buy the latest designs and check out what type of kaftan is in trend. If you go for customization and tailor-made options, then you can check out the exact fitting and go for the right dress code and color.


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