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Pixels and Paychecks – The DashieGames Net Worth Story

Have you ever wondered about DashieGames net worth? How did this popular YouTuber turn gaming passion into financial success? Let’s take a peek behind the screen and discover the digits that power Dashie’s virtual empire.


Charlie Guzman, popularly known as DashieGames or DashieXP, is a Dominican-American YouTuber, comedian, musician, and entrepreneur. He has made a name for himself through comedy gaming commentary.

With over 6.71 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, DashieGames delivers entertaining content with a generous sprinkling of bad words.

His videos cover a wide range of games, from horror titles to classic favorites. Whether he’s navigating jump scares or racing in Mario Kart, Dashie’s energetic and humorous style keeps viewers coming back for more!

Birth, Parents, and Education

Charlie, who later became known as Dashie, was born on June 11, 1985, in the Dominican Republic. When he was just 8 years old, he moved to Florida in the USA with his family, which includes his brother Jose Manuel and his sister Suzy.

Even though Charlie’s parents still live in the Dominican Republic, he makes sure to keep them a part of his life by featuring them in some of his social media videos and photos.

Growing up, Dashie wasn’t exactly a standout student, but he was really good at languages, speaking both English and Spanish fluently. This skill came in handy when he started looking for jobs.

Before he became a YouTube star, he did a bit of everything, even managing a grocery store at one point. However, it was when he started posting videos on YouTube that things really began to change for him.

Beginning of Career

DashieGames’ journey began in March 2006 when he launched his first channel, Dashie, which featured strange videos, film dubs, and sketches. However, it was his second channel, DashieXP, created in March 2010, that catapulted him to fame.

Here, he released comedy skits, freestyle raps, and cartoons parodying popular movies, shows, and games. Notably, his series like “Spongebobby Sweatpants,” “Nora the Explorah,” and “Mortal Kombat” gained immense popularity.

His most-viewed upload, “SPONGEBOBBY SWEATPANTS,” has over 11.3 million views. Later, he shifted his focus to his gaming channel, DashieGames, created on September 13, 2011.

With over 6 million subscribers, DashieGames features comedic gaming commentary, often accompanied by a generous dose of colorful language.


DashieGames, also known as Charlie Guzman, is currently single. And, if he is dating anyone, there is no mention of it on any public platform.

DashieGames Social Media Presence

DashieGames has a wide social media presence across all platforms. Let’s explore his presence on various platforms.

YouTube: DashieGames has a YouTube channel with over 6.71 million subscribers and 3,204 videos. His content primarily revolves around comedy gaming commentary, often accompanied by a generous dose of colorful language.

His second YouTube channel @DashieXP has 2.81 million subscribers and focuses on comedic skits and music videos. Additionally, his third YouTube channel @DashieXP2 has 1.23 million subscribers as well as DashieXP2 (with around 1.2 million subscribers) for toy reviews and unboxing videos.

Instagram: On Instagram, DashieGames has 1.1 million followers. His posts showcase snippets of his life, gaming moments, and interactions with fans. He also has a Threads account @dashiexp having 137 K followers.

Twitter: You can find him on Twitter as @DashieXP, where he shares updates, and thoughts, and engages with his audience. He has 5.1 million followers on X, formerly Twitter.

Facebook: DashieGames also has a Facebook account with 217 K followers.

DashieGames Net Worth

DashieGames net worth is estimated to be around $2.94 million. His yearly salary is approximately $1.5 million.

Keep in mind that this is a conservative estimate based solely on his YouTube channel. Dashiegames Net Worth could be even higher, possibly $5 million or more.

DashieGames has built a substantial online presence through his entertaining content, and DashieGames net worth reflects his success in the digital world!

Bottom Line

DashieGames’ net worth of $2.94 million, DashieGames, a Dominican-American YouTuber, proves that gaming passion can lead to financial success. His lively approach and humorous commentary on gaming remain popular among millions of fans around the globe.


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