Twomad Weight Loss

Twomad’s Weight Loss – All About the YouTuber’s Transformation

How often do you come across a story of personal change that really motivates you? We’re diving into the story of Twomad, a YouTuber who completely changed his life by losing a significant amount of weight. But it’s not just a story about dropping pounds; it’s about discovering a new way to see life.

Let’s explore Twomad’s inspiring journey of transformation, a story that touches on both emotional growth and physical change.

The Rise of Twomad

Before he became an internet sensation, Twomad was just Muudea Sedik, a young man with a passion for gaming and a knack for making people laugh.

Born on December 17, 2000, in Winnipeg, Canada, to an Ethiopian family, Muudea’s journey to stardom began in the comfort of his own home. He moved to the USA and established himself in Los Angeles, California; while the exact date and year of his relocation is not known.

As a teenager, Muudea discovered his talent for creating engaging content when he started posting comedic “meme edits” of gameplay footage. His unique sense of humor and relatable content quickly resonated with viewers around the world.

It wasn’t long before his online persona, Twomad, became a household name among the gaming community.

Twomad’s claim to fame can be traced back to his early days on YouTube, where he began his channel in 2016.

His breakthrough came with a viral clip where he humorously said “goodnight, girl, I’ll see you tomorrow” before taking a comedic fall.

This clip not only went viral but also became a beloved internet meme, catapulting Twomad into the spotlight.

His content evolved over time, from gaming to include a variety of skits and commentary, always infused with his signature comedic style.

Twomad’s ability to connect with his audience through humor and his unfiltered take on life’s absurdities made him a beloved figure online.

 His recent photographs with model Belle Delphine have further boosted his popularity.

“Twomad Weightloss” – Twomad’s Path to Better Health

Twomad weight loss journey grabbed the attention of both his fans and the wider online community. Initially, Twomad weighed about 176 pounds and struggled with issues related to his weight, including being bullied online.

With a strong will to change his situation, Twomad transformed his insecurities into a driving force.

In 2022, he decisively changed his lifestyle, adopting a ketogenic diet focused on whole foods and lean proteins, and made sure to drink plenty of water.

Integrating intermittent fasting into his regimen, along with trimming his calorie intake, proved pivotal in Twomad weight loss journey.

But Twomad’s commitment to becoming healthier wasn’t just about changing what he ate. He also started a rigorous exercise routine that supported his diet efforts. This blend of nutritious eating and regular exercise led to an impressive outcome—Twomad lost about 37 pounds, bringing his weight down to 139 pounds.

Twomad weight loss journey not only transformed his physique but also exemplified his unwavering dedication to self-improvement.

Twomad’s Controversies and Scandals:

Twomad encountered various controversies and scandals.

  • In 2019, he was banned from Twitch for posting inappropriate content during an Omegle stream. His online actions often tested the limits of what’s considered acceptable, sparking backlash.
  • By June 2023, a fellow streamer accused Twomad of sexual assault and harassment. More severe claims, including rape, pedophilia, and attempted murder, surfaced in February 2024 after his unexpected death, complicating his legacy.
  • Beyond these serious allegations, Twomad engaged in behavior that stirred controversy, such as asking young fans for Zoom passwords to disrupt their online classes during the early COVID-19 pandemic days.
  • In 2022, he got arrested for trespassing and causing a disturbance at a Six Flags amusement park.

His actions and the ensuing controversies have resulted in a mixed legacy. Some remember him for his humorous content, while others focus on the darker aspects of his actions.

Twomad’s Online Presence

Twomad, also known as Muudea Sedik, was a big deal on various social media sites.

  • He was a star on YouTube with an impressive 4.66 million followers across his channels and was also pretty active on Instagram and Twitter, where he liked to connect with his fans. His YouTube channel @twomad 360 has 2.22 million subscribers. He also has one more YouTube channel @twomadgang9324 that has 276 K subscribers.
  • His Twitter account, @twomad, was like a peek into his life, giving fans a closer look at who he was and sharing his thoughts.
  • On TikTok, his account @twomad958 has 120.7 K followers.
  • Over on Instagram, he posted about his personal life and updates on his work, making his relationship with his followers even stronger.
  • Besides his social media, Twomad had his own online shop, “Brudda From Da Bushes,” selling his own merch. This was another way for fans to be part of the Twomad world.

His knack for engaging with people worldwide through social media left a significant mark online. His content, known for its humor and relatability, clicked with internet users, making him a much-loved figure on the internet.


Twomad was quite private about his personal life. He never publicly discussed being in a relationship and chose to keep the identities of any potential partners confidential.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Twomad, also known as Muudea Sedik, had an estimated net worth of 1.5 million USD. This reflects the success he achieved through his career as a YouTuber, content creator, and his various business ventures.


Twomad sadly died on February 9, 2024. Early information pointed to a possible overdose because items related to drug use were found where he died.

The full details of what happened were still being looked into, with officials waiting for toxicology test results to figure out the exact cause.

Twomad was discovered deceased in his home in Los Angeles after the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was called to check on him. Alarm bells went off when he missed several appointments and wasn’t responding to contacts.

He was found not alive, with evidence of drug use nearby, which led to speculation about a potential overdose. There was no suspicion of criminal activity involved in his death.

Shortly after the news of Twomad’s passing spread, another YouTuber, Jameskii, made serious accusations against Sedik, claiming he had tried to kill him multiple times and also accused him of being a rapist and a pedophile.

Final Words

Twomad weight loss journey shows how dedicated he was and the positive shifts he made in his life. It’s a motivational part of his legacy as a creator who kept growing and changing, in his personal life and career.


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