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Which AC Brand Provides the Best Range of Window ACs?

Several brands exist in the Indian air conditioner marketplace. From budget models in brands like Blue Star and Voltas to Daikin and Hitachi’s flagship models, you get different technologies in several models that are priced distinctively. Some AC brands like Daikin don’t make a Daikin AC in the window type. The brand, seeing the popularity of split ACs dominating markets, only makes split models, citing that window ACs have no scope for new technological advancements.

However, brands like Blue Star and Voltas offer high-tech machines, as well as pocket-friendly models. You can take your pick from the huge range of any AC type you want from virtually any brand. There is no single brand that provides a range of the “best” window ACs. The best model depends solely on a consumer’s needs, and the size of rooms to be cooled. Though split ACs are more in demand, window ACs are still desired in India, especially since they offer a compact solution for smaller homes with limited room sizes. 

Window AC–

Much to everyone’s disbelief, the window AC that is available in many number one AC brands today comes with the latest technology and can compete with split ACs in cooling technology. Window ACs may be traditional to some consumers, but fans of the models like their ease of installation and easy maintenance. The window ACs of today give you the best in both cost-effective purchases as well as performance. The most advanced window ACs come with inverter technology built into sturdy units that open a “window” of possibilities.

You can get the best window ACs from brands like Hitachi, Carrier, O General, Voltas, and Lloyd, and some come with 3 and 4-star BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) energy-efficiency ratings that give you effective savings of up to 35% on your power bills. For average consumers and middle-income groups, window ACs offer models in great price segments. Facilitating fast cooling with copper condensers, these ACs modulate the compressor so that energy is saved, and rooms are cooled according to appropriate temperatures and the sizes of rooms

The Best Brands with a Range of Models–

As with any appliance a consumer buys, “best” is a relative word. According to the needs of a consumer, an appliance must be ultimately chosen, and so it is with window ACs. The top-selling window AC brands today are LG and Hitachi, but several people swear by other brands like Samsung, Voltas, Blue Star, and Carrier that make premium window ACs that reliably work and last for years. The most frequently chosen capacities are 1 ton and 1.5-ton models. You may not get a Daikin AC in a window model, but here are two of the best AC brands that offer a variety of window ACs in terms of size and price: 

  • Hitachi ACs – Hitachi ACs come in a range of sizes from 1 to 2.5-ton models, and its Kaze range has done well with consumers. The model Hitachi Kaze Plus RAW311KUD 1 ton window AC is a powerhouse, with a 3-star energy-efficiency rating that is easy on your energy bills. Though this AC does not come with inverter technology, it comes with a rotary compressor that gives you optimum cooling, and a copper condenser coil that works to cool rooms faster. With its sleep and auto power mode, it can save you a lot on your power bills.
  • LG ACs – The brand LG makes air conditioners in capacities from 1 ton to 2.5 tons, and the latest model that is seeing demand is the 3-star inverter JWQ24WUXA 2 ton AC. With inverter technology, the price may be a bit steep, but this is a great model for rooms with average sizes of 150 – 200 Square feet and has the power to cool living rooms with ease. As window ACs go, this is one large model in the LG range that Indians love, as its blower works dynamically to cool rooms. LG also has more affordable models in 1-ton capacities without inverter technology that cools just as well. 

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