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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid on the Wedding Day

Indian wedding ceremonies are a grandeur concoction of style, music, dance, and entertainment. The ceremonies are becoming more colorful with changing times. Bridegrooms, as well as, event management companies are coming up with out of the box ideas that make their wedding celebration unique. The photographic sessions have also witnessed changes with the addition of save-the-date photos, after-marriage photo sessions, and so on.  

The busy schedule beginning with engagement leading to the marriage and reception after that may invite a few mistakes too. You need to plan and prepare to avoid such mistakes. In this article, we will see the top 10 mistakes to avoid on the wedding day.   

1. Be Careful with Alcohol  

You may not worry much about this point if you are a teetotaller. The preceding night of the marriage will witness bachelor/ bachelorette parties with an unlimited flow of drinks. You have to control your alcohol intake at least on that day (for that matter, it is always good to control alcohol consumption). 

Some drinks take time to reach the brain and you start feeling the “kick”. You may continue to drink thinking that the drink hasn’t affected you. In the end, you may pass out without you realizing that. What will be the outcome? You will be having a dull hangover during the marriage ceremony. And it will spoil your mood through the marriage and after marriage reception. 

Take conscious decisions to control your drinks during the party. Say no to affectionate compulsions from your friends. You can reject their offer in a funny manner without affecting your relationship with your friends. 

2. Choose Food Menu Carefully

People will have food choices. There will be vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Besides that, there will be middle aged-to-aged people, who are on a diet due to medical conditions. Do not choose a menu based only on your tastes. 

Think about the variety of guests, your close relatives, with different dietary preferences. Although you cannot satisfy everyone, you can combine his or her possible food choices and select the menu accordingly. A small section of the food stall may serve food items suitable for diabetic patients and those who are controlling diet. Of course, it is not compulsory. Nevertheless, such a caring attitude will bring you laurels. 

3. Control DJs, Don’t Over-Control!

DJ’s have become an important part of the reception and after marriage celebrations. You may brief him or her about the song selection well in advance. They may be directed to avoid songs with inappropriate lyrics. Remember that grandparents and children are also part of the ceremony and celebration. It is better to play songs that suit the atmosphere. However, it is better not to over-control DJs. They know their job and let them do that. 

4. High Heels, No Heels

This is specific to brides! High heels will add to the looks and posture of the brides. At the same time, it is of great discomfort to wear it throughout the day. You will be standing or dancing during the majority of the time at the reception. It will adversely affect the backbone.

If you are not habituated to standing for longer durations wearing high heels, it will cause backache. Limit the use of high heels to photo sessions only. You may keep flat heels for usage during the remaining time. 

5. Be Charming

The unending ceremonies, photo sessions, chitchats, music, and dance may tire you. Nonetheless, prevent it from appearing on your face. Remember that marriage happens only once in your lifetime. Hence, make it grand. Don’t allow the tiredness to appear on your face. Be charming and smiling.   

6. Not Too Much Makeup

Perfect makeup should make you more beautiful. It should not be overdone and appear as if a face mask. A good makeup artist with enough experience and ideas must be assigned for decorating you. over makeup spoils the look rather than improving it.  

7. Eat Right

Over-eating and non-eating, both can be problematic. Eat right on the wedding day. So that it does not spoil your gastro systems. Non-eating is also not advisable. As it can lead to a burning sensation inside the stomach due to acidity and cause a headache. 

8. Dress 

You must trial the dress for the wedding and reception in advance. The wedding dress should be well-tailored to perfectly fit for the Bride or Groom. A tight dress will discomfort you through the events. You may not be able to concentrate on the events or enjoy the party due to the ill-fitting dress.

A loose dress, on the other hand, will affect your appearance. The dress must be altered to suit your fitment.    

9. Time-Break

You must schedule events in such a way that there is enough time break between events. You should not make your guests over-busy. They need time to relax and interact with others. They may be seeing each other after a long period. The marriage is an occasion for the relatives and friends to meet and reminisce about the past. Don’t spoil their nostalgic moments by adding too many consecutive events. 

10. Plan Photo Session

Photo sessions must be planned in association with the professional agency. The experienced wedding photographers will be well aware of the situation. They will be able to guide you accordingly.

There must be intervals between photo sessions. And you should not become so much involved in that. So that you miss meeting your friends and colleagues.  


It’s your wedding. You must plan it to be a memorable event not only for you but also for your friends and relatives. The best professional photographers must capture every moment beautifully. It will be the gems of nostalgia when you look at the photos in the future. There are exceptionally talented wedding photographers in Trivandrum. They merge creativity with novel ideas to make the photos elegant and appealing.


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