Boost Mental Health

How To Boost Your Mental Health During Covid-19?

Since these are dreadful times of Coronavirus we should stay indoors and maintain social distance. In such times staying positive and finding happiness around can get a little difficult. Especially when the global economy is suffering and so are our bank accounts. And since we can’t meet our loved ones or go out for entertainment, life can look a little gloomy. Therefore, mental health has become a major concern and should be addressed more seriously.

Taking out some time and visiting a wellness center can be a great way to go about it. And Nimba Nature Cure is one of the best wellness retreats in India. It can also be considered one of the most affordable wellness retreats in India. Yoga retreats in India like Nimba are great wellness centers to help you work towards the betterment of your body. Staying in such Yoga retreats teach you to incorporate good habits in your life and upgrade it. Be it physical health or mental health, diseases at Nimba are treated completely naturally.

Nature has an innate healing power and it helps our body to heal itself. The presence of clean air to breathe and luscious greenery around you can really uplift your spirits. Thus Nimba is surrounded by nature, making it a perfect wellness retreat in India. Its tranquility enhances your mood and proves to have an excellent effect on you.

We offer various natural treatments and therapies and help your body effectively fight both physical and mental illness. Along with Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Meditation, we also offer treatments like Physiotherapy. Some of the natural therapies include Hot Stone Massage, Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Far Infra Detox, Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage, and more.

1. Naturopathy

Naturopathy treatment includes changes in both the food and lifestyle of the patient. Since our food intake greatly affects our mental health, consuming sattvic food shows a great impact. Regular exercise is an essential part of naturopathic treatment for mental issues.

2. Yoga

Yoga has a calming effect on our minds. It helps reduce the agitation and takes you into a relaxation mode. It increases your reduced attention span. which is usually reduced as a result of compromised mental health.

3. Meditation

Meditation is one of the most prominent ways to fight mental illness. It helps treat anxiety, addiction, aggression, suicidality, and depression. It is even considered to be a credible part of psychiatric treatment.

And if you are looking for affordable wellness retreats then make sure you check us out. We have a calm and quiet environment filled with natural beauty and numerous options for natural treatment. We serve sattvic food that helps rejuvenate your body and mind. All this at a pocket-friendly price. And remember, a visit to Nimba leaves your body and mind a lot healthier and happier.


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