Best Solutions for Cavities in Children Created by Baby Bottle

There are many diseases and illnesses that a child may suffer when he/ she is growing up. Some of these can become severe if proper care is not taken, but others are very common and can be treated easily. Amongst these cavities in children is the disease that appears in every 1 child out of 5.

What is Baby Bottle Teeth Cavities?

When a baby gets the first teeth; from that time forth the parents and especially the mothers have to take care of the teeth. Even at this age, the teeth can get cavities according to Pediatric Dental Group Tulsa. It is true that the child is only on bottle feeding but still many bad habits can have negative effects on the baby teeth and ultimately create cavities.

Factors that lead to the creation of cavities in children

Cavities in children from the age of 5 to 12 years are very different from babies who are on bottle feed. The only food that intake is the milk either from the bottle or the breast of their mothers. But still, the following three factors are considered important when determining the creation of cavities.

1. Development of Microbial

The bottled milk also known as formula milk contains many minerals and nutrients that help the baby grow. But with the passage of time as these gather on the teeth of the baby and can be the cause of cavities. Nutrients like lactic acid, sucrose, glucose, and fructose; which are by-products of carbohydrates that can produce cavities.

2. Diet affects a lot

Many times the mothers give their child different liquids like juices, soda, and other fluids to fulfill their demand of the water. This can damage the enamel of the baby’s teeth. Bad habits that children develop over the passage of time can also have severe consequences.

3. Low Quality of life leads to cavities in children

It has been observed that children living where the quality of life is very low and don’t have the facilities to take proper care of the teeth and mouth then it is most likely that dental health will be very bad. The socioeconomic status of the family counts a lot.

Best Solutions for Cavities in Children by Pediatric Dental Group Tulsa

Many people will tell you not to bother too much about the baby’s teeth as they are tiny and in the process of emerging. But the fact is that it is the most crucial time for the baby. When you visit Pediatric Dentist Tulsa for your child’s first teeth checkup; the dentists there will give you the following solutions to prevent cavities in children.

1. No Sugar in the Liquid

Several mothers think that adding a little amount of sugar will add flavor to whatever kind of milk the baby is drinking. The baby teeth are not cleaned as much often as for the children of other ages. So plaque can gather and can cause cavities in children. Avoid the use of sugar in all types of liquids.

2. Clean the Mouth of the Baby

Although the cleaning is not done in the way as a normal person would do, but cleaning the mouth for the inside is important. This should be in the routine and must continue until the child is old enough to clean by himself/ herself. Use a damp cloth to wipe the teeth and gums gently to keep it clean from cavities.

3. Avoid Bottle-Feeding before Sleeping

Parents give their children a bottle of milk when they are going to sleep. They think that it is soothing for the baby as they can go to sleep comfortably. But it has many health hazards. Not only the child could chock on the milk but also no cleaning of the teeth can develop plaque and tartar on the teeth.

4. Give a Drink to Detach Child from Bottle

You must be thinking that it is contrasting that you are told not to give milk at night but at the same time suggesting giving the child something to drink to detach him/ her from the bottle. You can give the child liquid to intake but at least 15 minutes before going to sleep.

5. Don’t heat Bottle in Microwave

Many experts recommend never using a microwave to heat up the baby bottle. The heating of the formula milk is unequal and also the heat can damage the bottle and the harmful plastic particles can mix into the milk.

6. Walking with Bottle is Dangerous

Babies when they first time learn to walk; always fall down. This continues until the child is able to walk correctly. It is too dangerous for the child to walk with the bottle in the mouth as the gums and the teeth can get hurt. Harsh falls can severely injure the teeth and gums.

7. Never exceed more than 30 minutes

Make it is a point that the feeding time is not more than 30 minutes. If the bottle is in the mouth for a longer period of time then it will be equal to thumb sucking or the use of a pacifier. This can result in damaging the development of the perfect bite.

8. Regular Visits to a Pediatric Dentist to Avoid Cavities in Children

This last point is the most vital of all and should never be forgotten or left. It is important for the baby that you take him/ her to pediatric dental group Tulsa after every six months; so that you can know the progress of your child’s teeth.


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