Carpet Steam Cleaning

Easy Steps to Steam Clean the Carpet

Steam cleaning is an effective technique through which the deep cleaning of the carpet can be done. One can easily deep clean and sanitize the carpets at home with the help of steam mop or steam cleaner tools. All you need is the right attachment so that dark spots, stains, dirt, bacteria, and germs can be removed. Along with steam tools, one also needs regular vacuum cleaners to remove this dirt and dust particles, etc.

Here are the easy steps through which one can easily do the steam cleaning at home on their own without any need for professional assistance. One can try these steps at home and can do the cleaning and if one finds these steps difficult then don’t worry you contact our company Major Carpet Sydney’s professionals which will provide effective carpet steam cleaning at affordable rates. These easy steps to do the steam cleaning of the carpet at home are as follows.

1. Clean the Room and Remove all the Loose Objects

The first step to do the steam cleaning in your house is to remove all the things from the carpet. However, you can found that some furniture may be heavy to move from the carpet. For this heavy furniture if you are unable to move them. Then simply wrap furniture’s legs with a waterproof tape to protect them from the hot steam of the steam cleaner. Moreover, it can be possible that you may not have enough room where you can put the furniture and other things. In such a situation try to move the furniture and other items at one end of the room so that you can get space to do steam cleaning on one side of the carpet.

2. Vacuum the Whole Carpet

The next step is to vacuum the entire carpet. Try to vacuum the carpet twice so that all the dust particles, bacteria, crumbs, hair, etc. can be removed from the carpet. The carpet steam cleaning tool can remove the stain and restore the fabric. But it is not capable of removing solid dust and dirt particles, etc. That’s why vacuuming the carpet before steam cleaning the carpet is necessary. For the first time run the vacuum cleaner in one direction and in the second time of vacuum cleaning then the vacuum cleaner in the opposite direction to do the vacuum cleaning effectively.

3. Treat the Spot Stain if any before doing a Steam Cleaning

There can be a different type of carpet stain like tea or coffee stain, food stain, ink stain, paint stain, grease stain, etc. which can be found on the carpet. The vacuum and steam cleaning alone can not remove these stains completely every time so one needs to treat these stains before doing steam cleaning of the carpet. It simply involves the following steps

  • Spray carpet stain remover on the stained area
  • Generally, tub the stain with a soft cloth
  • Allow it to be set on the stained area for a free minutes
  • Now clean it with a white cloth
  • And repeat the process till the stain is not completely gone from the carpet

4. Prepare the Carpet Steam Cleaner

Now to prepare the steam cleaner first remove the water tank from the steam cleaner if it is detachable. Now fill the tank with water as per according to the steam cleaner manufacturer’s manual instructions. You can also add a carpet cleaning solution, dishwashing detergent, vinegar or any other cleaning agent into the water tank along with the water. Now attach the tank back to the steam cleaner and plug it in a power outlet. Wait for some time to allow the water to heat up to steaming temperature. Now your steam cleaner is ready to work.

5. Do the Steam Cleaning

Now does the steam cleaning by running the steam cleaner on your carpet starting from one corner to another. One should try to overlap the previous line whenever they start a new line. This will ensure that any dirty spots have not been left on the carpet. Make sure that all the carpet solution has been properly cleaned and cleared. If all the carpet solution is not properly cleaned up then it can attract dirt and dust. So that’s why try to remove the cleaning solution from the carpet.

6. Wait for some time to let the Carpet Dry

Doing steam cleaning doesn’t leave a lot of water behind. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning on carpets usually requires up to 12 hour time for drying the carpet. You have to allow 5-11hours minimum to dry the carpet so that all moisture can be escaped from the carpet. For this open all the windows in the room and leave it to dry overnight. Now once the carpet is dry you can put back all the furniture in its place and enjoy your freshly cleaned carpet cleaned through steam cleaning at home.

Thus by following these six steps one can easily do steam cleaning in their home. But sometimes people find it difficult to do the steam cleaning on their own due to lack of time, tools, and efforts. Doesn’t worry one can hire professional expert cleaners at affordable rates like our company Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney whose experts provide effective carpet steam cleaning services in Sydney. Our experts do the steam cleaning more effective and efficient way and make your carpet look like a new one. You just only need to contact us and the rest of the work will be our experts.


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