Exotic Rare Houseplants

Exotic Rare Houseplants to Elevate Your Living Space

Imagine stepping into your home and being greeted by the vibrant, lush foliage of exotic-looking plants that make your home look like an Amazonian Rainforest.

Welcome to the enchanting world of exotic rare houseplants! Where botanical rare beauty meets interior design and wellness! This blog will guide you to discover where to find these rare gems and a list of some of our easiest-to-care plants that will easily transform your living space into an exotic-looking oasis.

Where to find Exotic Rare Houseplants?

Let’s begin with some fantastic news! You don’t need to embark on a wild expedition to find these captivating greens. There are some accessible Indoor Plants, that have an incredible exotic charm and can be effortlessly delivered to your doorstep. By adding indoor plants to your home, you won’t have to worry about having an extremely difficult-to-care plant or one that is considered an endangered species.

Exotic-looking plants can be easily sourced!  Adding an artistic flair to your space and transforming it into an Amazonian haven.

Why Exotic-looking Plants are a must for Interior Gardening

Exotic-looking Plants are a must for Interior Gardening

Adding a Natural yet Artistic Touch to Your Space

Exotic-looking plants are living works of art that can transform any space into a visual masterpiece. The unique shapes, colours, and textures of exotic plants add an artistic touch that elevates your home decor to a whole new level. Imagine a Miniature Pineapple Champaca Plant or the intricate beauty of the Elephant Ear Zebra– each plant telling its own incredible story and contributing to the overall aesthetics of your living space.

Living Statement Pieces

Exotic plants often come with striking features that make them natural statement pieces for your home. Placing a large African Milk Tree in a corner will immediately create a visually pleasing focal point, or adding the otherworldly-looking leaves of Dieffenbachia ‘Mars’ in your living room to add a tropical touch to your short table. These plants will breathe life into your space and become living art installations.

Exotic Biodiversity at Home

Get creative with the arrangement of your exotic plants. Mix and match different species and varieties to create a botanical collage of rare biodiversity. Think about placing smaller plants on shelves or hanging planters to add layers of vertical design. With the right arrangements, your space can become an urban Amazonas and plant paradise.

Air Purification

These botanical wonders, adorned with intricate patterns and striking colours, possess exceptional air-purifying qualities. Beyond their visual appeal, these plants play a crucial role in filtering out harmful pollutants, enhancing the air quality and creating a healthier environment for your home. From the majestic Snake Plant with its architectural beauty to the lush and intricate patterns of the Calathea, exotic plants bring a breath of fresh air—literally.

Best Exotic Rare Plants

Best exotic Rare Plants

Now let’s delve into the art of elevating your living space with the top rare and exotic favourite indoor plants carefully selected to bring a touch of the extraordinary into your home!

Pineapple Champaca

Step into the world of tropical elegance with the Pineapple Champaca. This exotic plant is a visual feast, boasting glossy, serrated leaves and a tiny pineapple on top. Its unique appearance adds a touch of the exotic to any space. Champaca not only adds an element of botanical rarity to your surroundings but also acts as a natural air purifier, cleansing your home of common pollutants.

Alocasia Zebra Plant

Meet the Alocasia Zebra Plant—an exotic looking plant that commands attention with its striking zebra-like patterns adorning its large, arrow-shaped leaves. This plant effortlessly brings a touch of the jungle into your living room. It is a great air-purifying variety! While it may demand a bit more care with its humidity preferences, the awe-inspiring beauty it brings to your indoor garden makes it a worthwhile investment.

Sansevieria Laurentii Plant

For those seeking a low-maintenance yet exotic green companion, the Sansevieria Laurentii is perfect. This hardy plant has tall, sword-shaped leaves with vibrant yellow margins, adding an exotic touch to your space. Remarkably easy to care for, the Sansevieria Laurentii is also an amazing night air purifier, filtering out pollutants and enhancing indoor air quality effortlessly while you sleep.

Calathea Ctenanthe

Dive into the world of intricate patterns and graceful movement with the Calathea Ctenanthe. This exotic beauty, with stunningly patterned leaves, folds up in the evening and opens up in the morning. Moderately easy to care for, it is one of the plants that thrive in high humidity levels, making it perfect for a steamy kitchen or bathroom. It contributes to the air purification of your home, making it both visually enchanting and beneficial for your indoor environment!

Philodendron Tree Hugger

This plant is one of our favourite rarities, with lush foliage, striking deep burgundy stems filled with fun touchable red hairs and gracefully trailing growth that gives the impression of a gentle ‘hug’! Known for its ease of care, the Tree Hugger is a resilient plant that thrives in various conditions. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this Philodendron plays a role in air purification, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a low-maintenance yet visually stunning addition to their indoor garden.

More Exotic Plants?

For even more rare, exotic-looking plants, visit our Rare Indoor Plants collection at Bloombox Club and get all sizes safely delivered to your doorstep across the UK!

Transform your living space into an exotic oasis with a selection of rare and vibrant houseplants, adding a touch of botanical beauty and wellness to your home.


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