Baking Cakes

3 Secret Tips that Help in Becoming a Perfectionist in Baking

Baking cakes is an art that very few people are blessed with. There is no better feeling than knowing the art of making a thing you admire the most in the world. For all the cake lovers, there is nothing that can give them more pleasure in the kitchen then baking a cake.

I remember when I was a kid, I drooled over every cake that I tasted (I still do), and always wondered what hands in the world make this delicacy!! As I grew up, my love for desserts increased; likewise, my fascination for baking started blooming as well. The first time I baked a cake, I would not say it was a complete failure, but yes, no person would take a chance to ingest that cake.

However, my parents and siblings did and told me the cake was fabulous until I tasted it. Nevermind!! Ever since I wore those baking gloves on my hands, there’s no looking back then. I have been baking for 6 years now, although it does not sound much yet I have done thorough research on baking that has led me to find some of the best baking tips that make my cakes look no less than a cake coming straight from a baker’s oven.

Before I share the baking tips, I would like to tell you that no matter how good a baker you become, do not forget to take a rest and order cake online gurgaon just for yourself on the weekend and let those taste buds get the salvation. 

See, whether you make the cake from scratch or using a proper cake mix, these hints will not only save you good money but will also save you precious time in the kitchen. Be it a dry cake or a sun cake; these baking hacks will help you achieve perfection for any cake.

Start with basics such as check whether your oven is heating at the apt temperature or not. The correct temperature matters a lot in reaching perfection in baking a cake. Likewise, there are other such important points to be remembered if you want to become a professional baker. So, without wasting any time, let’s’ get started with the winning baking tips: 

1. Inaugurate The Good Start With The Mixing Bowl

A cake is nothing but practical chemistry. How? Well, it is the mixing of ingredients in such a proportion that its reaction leads to the desired outcome. To quote you an example, for a butter cake, to achieve the numbness, moist texture called, the crumb, is only obtained when the sugar and fat are being mixed first. Then the addition of eggs and pouring of the dry ingredients into the mixture, not to forget the incorporation of liquid such as buttermilk or milk. So, it is this step that has a significant role in channelizing the journey of the cake. So better be attentive and careful when performing this stage. 

2. Know your Oven

Are you also scared of getting your cake under or over baked? Well, it happened to be my biggest fear. Well, all you need to understand is an oven thermometer. There is no better way of checking the accurate temperature of the oven. It is also essential to place the cake just at the centre of the oven. Do not be rough while closing the door of the oven because it may lead to releasing all those air bubbles which were trapped in your batter. To check the doneness of the cake, the centre should become spongy. An easy way of checking this is by inserting a toothpick in the cake. If it comes out easily, well, your cake is prepared to be served. You would not have to wait for the online cake delivery in noida when you become a pro baker. 

3. Choose Right Flour for Baking

Different flour contains varying amounts of protein in the flour; the more is the gluten when the more is the protein. While an ideal cake flour has the least amount of protein, that’s what makes the cake fluffy and light-aired (angel cakes are baked using such flour). Whereas, bread flour is used when you have to bake something dense. While all-purpose flour is known to produce tender cakes. 

These tips, when practised regularly, makes you a professional baker in no time. Become a professional baker and bake any cake with any type of ingredient available at that time. Or else, if you find baking not your cup of tea, but you can’t help but drool over cakes, you can go for online cake delivery at your footsteps.


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