Mayur Rele

Top 5 Signs You’re a Photographer in Disguise/It’s your Thing

They say a man photographs that which he holds dear to his heart. To some it’s a beloved one, without whom life would just be an incomplete journey, or a piece of nature that intrigues them enough to the point of always eyeing it like the most precious out gem of all, or maybe it’s something in the dark that mysteriously draws you over towards it, like a lake of ice, nothing but danger yet it’s anxious and enchanting calls are worth the risk or on the quite contrary, the light that fills you with thoughts of a beautiful future, that ignites a new spark of fresh hope. Whatever it may be that catches your eye to the point it becomes a reflection of you, capturing it with your lenses and eyes is something that should hint you towards a side of yourself you never knew about-  a photographer….

However, it can be quite a task when questioning yourself if photography is for you. For this very reason, with Mayur Rele who’s at the top of his game and owning the league in it all, is here to tell you if photography might be ‘your thing’.

1. YOU feel incomplete without a camera

Just out for some fresh air, feeling the wind caress your hair and filling your lungs with a new breath, the cool breeze envelopes you in a hug as you look towards the open skies, how could this not be inspiring enough to not capture the whole aura and beauty? Working on some reports in the café and it’s too tempting not to photograph that one lady who caught your eyes, identical to any other stranger yet so different. It feels incomplete to not click a picture. In fact you can feel the itch in your own hands fighting to get the camera. And when it doesn’t reach you, you can feel your heart sinking, the joy seeping out and disappointment approach you. By now, everyone knows you have a camera with you, ALWAYS and when you don’t, you feel incomplete.

2. Makekeshift is Your Greatest Weapon

Okay, just the love of photography in you isn’t convincing enough to get a professional camera yet. There’s absolutely no way you could get your hands onto professional equipment as much as you’d like to, but that doesn’t limit you. Natural lighting, the right angles, perfect timing, and the scene scape is enough to give you the perfect click. You, somehow, make the best of what you have which doesn’t only make it work but rather work flawlessly to the point of perfection.

3. Literally Everything Inspires You

 Alright, so that dying plant in the corner, it’s not it to you. It’s the portrayal of hope running out. How about your nephew’s toy truck he doesn’t play anymore. It’s a symbol of abandonment to you. Whatever it is, an unfinished artpeice, empty building, an empty street, even the box of cat litter, everything inspires you a bit too much. You want the world to feel the same emotion you felt while photographing it, even their own ones, to lead to a new storyline. Oh, and we’re not fibbing around with this one.

4.ZERO CAMERA BATTERY = mental, physical, emotional breakdown

Silent regrets for not recharging the battery, shrieks of frustration on battery running out a second before ‘the click’, disappointed, overwhelmed, and the feeling of purposelessness. Even though they may sound like a stretch to non-photographers, this is exactly what it feels like to the ones whose veins flow with a burning passion and devotion to photography, when the camera battery bails out on you.

5. YOU have an unlikely love for lenses, shutter sounds and camera designs

That pretty much sums it up. Like a man drunk in love, who notices the smallest things about the love of his life, smiles at the simple thought of here taking a stroll in the garden or her adjusting a rose in her hair, everything about photography psyches you out. Yup, even though you look like a psychopath trying to inhale the smell of your new camera, or dramatically wiping your tear and applauding on hearing the new features, it isn’t quite unusual to you.

If 14-year-olds with fancy equipment who only click selfies and your neighbor who insists photography isn’t a real career are on your hit list, you know what it means. Time to top the news headlines, I mean respond to your feelings for photography and confessing them by devoting yourself to it.


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