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Seven Ways to Make Your Listing Stand Out

These days, tenants and buyers who are interested in buying property will first search for the listings online. But before we proceed, let’s discuss “listings.” What is a listing? It is a deal that signifies the privilege of a real estate agent or broker to hold the sale of a property and to accept commissions or fees for the service rendered.

There are thousands of real estate listings online! You can see them everywhere on the web, real estate websites, listings, & classified ads sites, even on social media networks. The most challenging part is how to make your listing stand out among the millions of ads online, and attract qualified buyers and renters.

1. Complete the Details of the Property

Is the property residential or commercial? Are you selling a house or a condominium? Always be specific on the kind of property you are selling. Include the exact address or location and provide directions on how to get there. Don’t forget to include the specifics of the property, such as parking spaces, number of rooms, floor/lot area, and amenities. Please include the price in your posting and also your contact information. It would also be very helpful if you could include a floor plan. All of these provide helpful information to property finders.

2. Stage your Listing

It is one of the best ways to make your listing stand out. When prospective buyers are browsing, seeing a staged property is more appealing compared to an empty home. A staged property showcases the possibilities of the space. It can help sell the property faster and also increase its perceived value. Also, photos of beautifully taken staged properties online can increase click-throughs to your listing.

How can you stage your property? Here are some of the ways to do it reasonably, since staging usually costs money.

Clean and declutter the whole place.
Avoid pests and immediately call pest control services.
Organize the furniture you will put in the rooms.
Use neutral colors on the walls.
Add mirrors to open up space and reflect natural light.
For bathrooms, add white linen to make it look clean, fresh, and inviting.
Tuck away exposed cables.
Do not put personal items such as family photos and memorabilia.
Use flowers and art to create picturesque focal points in the rooms.

3. Use Stunning Photos

Take photos at different angles and vantage points. You can also make use of enhancement software if needed. And most important, please do not copy-paste photos from other websites. It decreases your chance of getting prioritized on the search results page of the search engine.

Perhaps it would be best to invest in professional photography to showcase your listing. According to studies, 95% of the people who viewed the photo of a listing for 20 seconds will get a click-through.

4. Create Eye-catching Property Descriptions

These are short, and to-the-point information that talks about your listing. Describe the distinctive features of the property. Include side stories and a short history of it. Talk about the living conditions around the area and the lifestyle of those who live there. A very important tip: please do not copy-paste the entire description of a property from another real estate website. If a search engine sees that your listing is identical to another one, it won’t prioritize it on the search results page.

5. Know your Demographics

Demographic information such as average age, occupation, dependency, and homeownership rates are very helpful. You can easily profile your clients, and get to know how to improve your sales with it.

Advertise it the right way

Nowadays, social media is the new “word of mouth.” If you want your listings to be noticed and talked about, you have got to post it online. Here are some pointers:

Make use of blogs, videos, picture collages, vlogs, slide shows, etc., to create your ads for social media. Post your ads on different social media platforms and share it with your online friends and acquaintances. The best thing about this format is it’s easy to use, and it’s free!

6. Virtual Reality Tours

It is a simulation of an existing property composed of a series of videos or still images. It allows prospective customers to navigate the property in 3D to give them an even better impression of how the property looks in real-time. It also gives them an experience of how it feels like to be there. It may also use sound effects, music, narration, and texts to enhance their encounter.

7. Consider Getting Paid Ads Online

Social media platforms and other web pages offer this kind of service. Ads come in the form of running boost posts, carousel ads, banner ads, and video ads. It is great to run ads on social media platforms since almost everybody nowadays have their own social media account. Start small until your ads get a footing.

Wrapping Up

Make sure that the listings you posted are easy to recognize and property finder-friendly. Always consider to put yourself on others’ shoes when making your listings. Remember, nobody knows that property more than you do.


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