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Seven Social Media Building Blocks That Impact Our Lives

Are you a Social Mediaholic? If it’s a yes, then what do you use social media for? Watching Videos, Following celebrities, Sharing images, Entertainment, or News Updates? Social Media has become an important part of our life. You would come across people who begin their day by looking at the number of likes they have got on their recently shared post. Too much of everything is definitely bad, however, the positive side of social media overpowers its negative side. If you think social media is just for sharing posts, then it’s high time for you to get serious. For those of you who do not know, Social Media is much more than entertainment. In this article, we will be telling you about seven functional social media building blocks.

These building blocks of social media are a result of research work that was conducted to understand the framework of social media in a much better way. The building blocks of social media we will be discussing in this article are:

  • Identify
  • Conversation
  • Sharing
  • Presence
  • Relationships
  • Reputation
  • Groups


Building Blocks are nothing but the functions of Social Media. Identify or Identification is the most basic yet best feature or building block of social media platforms. Social Media platforms allow people to access every minute detail of a social media user. It is possible because these platforms allow the user to reveal their identities in their profile. A Social Media user can enter various information like Name, Age, Gender, Profession, Company, Education, Family, and many more details.


Have you ever thought about how users communicate with each other using social media? Well, that’s the power of technology. Applications like LinkedIn, Facebook, Connected India, Instagram, etc. provide a platform for the user to communicate with each other either in the form of text messages or through images and videos.


Sharing is the third building block of social media. Who would have imagined that one day we will be able to share our images and videos from any part of the world? Not just images, Social Media has made it possible for users to share their opinions and views on trends with the rest of the world. Any social media user can comment on a post or any images uploaded by a user and share his/her views.


The best way to explain this point is with the example of Facebook. All of you must have used Facebook once in your life. There is a feature of Check-in. You can add your current location and can even share details of a hotel or any place that you just visited or are currently staying at. This is how social media platforms help in giving access to people to know where their friends or family members are.


Social Media applications work as a connecting link between you and the person who loves to talk. Using these applications, you can share your emotions by the way of conversations and can even plan a meeting up or video call with each other. It further allows you to follow and communicate with the person whom you adore and would like to be friends with.


By sharing relevant posts or helping people out, you can easily build a strong reputation for yourself using these social media platforms. You will encounter some people who are scammers, however, evils are everywhere. Hence. Social media provides an apt platform to build a strong reputation by the way of trust.


Social Media applications allow you to expand your friend or business circle by creating groups. If you are an influencer or a celebrity, you can create a group with your fans. It won’t just increase your fan base but would also make it easy for you to show your creative side to your fans.


These were the seven building blocks or major functions of social media platforms. Do let us know in comments how social media has helped you.


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