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How to Have a Budget Vacation in Dubai and What to Visit First

Dubai is a popular travel location because it combines traditional history, modernity, and futuristic appeals. The confluence of nature and technology in Dubai further adds to its appeal to the outside world. Therefore, Dubai is usually on the list of must-visit places for many people.

While the city of Dubai radiates opulence, you don’t have to break the bank before you can go there for vacation. With adequate planning and taking some informed steps, you are on your way to a great budget trip! Let’s explore how to have a budget-friendly vacation in this dazzling city and what to visit first.

How to Have a Budget Vacation in Dubai

Dubai is a home of luxury, projecting it as an expensive vacation destination. However, excellent planning and adequate information can change everything. Here are some ways to save money in Dubai.

❖      Visit Off-Season

Visit Off-Season

It is expensive to visit Dubai during the peak tourism season. Therefore, you should consider the summer months between June and September when the city has fewer visits.

You can also get a Dubai pass for discounted access to places like museums, theme parks, and tours.

❖      Explore Local Foods and Bring Your Bottle

Consider budget-friendly foods over expensive spreads. Explore local eateries and markets for affordable foods, giving you an authentic feel of Dubai.

Also, bring your bottle when coming to dine out. Dubai has strict alcohol regulations, making them expensive to purchase at bars and restaurants. Purchase alcohol at the duty-free shops or in designated shops to reduce spending.

❖      Shop Smart

Shop Smart

Dubai is a shopping hub, but high-end malls can drain your money fast. Therefore, explore the cultural side of Dubai and shop in the traditional souks. This gives you a unique experience, and you can also bargain for better prices.

How to Maximize Dubai Car Rental to Cut Down Costs

Vehicle rental is a significant way to save heavily when traveling to Dubai. Some people may argue about the cost-effectiveness of public transport. However, quantifying the advantages of having a rental car shows that it might be a more prudent option.

Below are some tips on how to leverage car rental services in Dubai for an affordable vacation:

⮚      Book in Advance

Early booking does great wonders in deciding how much you spend on renting a vehicle. It helps eliminate additional costs and can even help you get a discount. Also, you can have more car options when you book early, enabling you to choose one that best suits your needs.

Do not get lost in the appeal of a more luxurious car. Instead, consider choosing a smaller one that works better for you. Remember, it is not only about renting; you have to fuel and maintain the vehicle.

⮚      Check for Hidden Fees

Read the rental contract before signing it. Check out for any traps and hidden fees. Check for policies that may make you pay more and avoid them. Also, avoid duplicating insurance. Instead, check for your car insurance and credit card coverage to prevent spending the same money twice.

⮚      Avoid Fines

Avoid fines by all means to prevent spending unplanned and unnecessary money. Familiarize yourself with the traffic rules and follow them to prevent sanctions. Also, learn about Dubai roads and systems like the Salik.

Places to Visit in Dubai on a Budget

Visiting Dubai on a budget does not rob you of all the fun. You only have to know the best places to go without spending too much. Below are some pocket-friendly locations to explore:

✔      Dubai Fountain and Mall

Dubai Fountain and Mall

Spend your evenings watching the mesmerizing shows at Burj Al Khalifa. These shows are free to watch, and you can also enjoy the fountain’s magnificence. You can also sightsee at the Dubai Mall before the show starts. Although shopping at the mall is not free, some window shopping can be equally satisfying.

✔      JBR Beach

JBR Beach

The Jumeirah Beach Residence is a great place for lovers of calmness and serenity. It is a public beach that you can access for free. It has a stretch of beautiful coastline you can enjoy. You can swim, relax, or take a stroll along this waterfront. The Dubai Creek is another free place for water lovers to explore.

✔      Public Parks

Safa Park

Are you looking to picnic, hang out, or enjoy some time alone? Dubai has several well-maintained parks where you can have a picnic. Check out Safa Park, Zabeel Park, and Al Barsha Pond Park on your next Dubai visit.

✔      Sharjah Historical Neighborhood

Sharjah Historical Neighborhood

Sharjah is a separate emirate with its own entity, regulations, and local government. However, that does not stop you from exploring Sharjah during your budget-friendly Dubai visit. It only takes 23 minutes from Dubai to Sharjah, so what are you waiting for?

Since you’re on a budget, a smart move is to rent BMW in Sharjah and explore it to your taste. It also helps to choose an affordable restaurant from the array lining Al Majaz Waterfront. Other places you can explore include:

  • The Sharjah Aquarium
  • Dessert park
  • Science museum
  • Art foundation.


It is no news that Dubai is expensive, but you do not have to shelve the idea of visiting because of finances. Instead, plan a budget-friendly trip to Dubai.

You can save money through early bookings and exploring top-rated car rental services. With the souks, museums, free shows, and public parks, your Dubai visit will be enjoyable without breaking your pocket.


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