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Things to Carry for Cruise Holidays

There is no doubt that cruise vacation is an enriching experience that cherishes your whole life. Cruise packing is slightly different from regular trip packing so we think you have to require a unique packing. To reduce your luggage it is much necessary to know about the things to carry for cruise holidays while traveling with Mumbai to Goa Cruise Tour Packages.


While you are traveling on a cruise then you can wear anything that you like so carry your favorite clothes according to the season.

Clothing in Morning

Every cruise has many fitness centers like gym, pool, and sports. So if you are traveling for a cruise package from Mumbai to goa then you should carry the appropriate clothes.

Females can carry yoga pants or shorts While Males can carry lower, pajamas or shorts which are usually best for pool or fitness center both.

Clothing during the Day

There is nothing special that you have to plan. Females can wear anything that they feel comfortable like walking shorts, slacks, jeans, casual skirts, and sundresses with flip flops or fancy footwear while males can carry shorts, Jeans, casual khakis work, T-shirts, sports shirts, jackets, and sandals or joggers as footwears.

Clothing at Evening

At the evening, all the cruise members get together so this is the most challenging as well as the most loving part to plan the outfit at the cruise. So we suggest that ladies pack their best outfits like silk gown milieu, flowing dress or silky mix-and-match pants, or party wear outfits for the evening and dress up appropriately in the crowd. They should also carry their heels, accessories, and make-up. While male candidates can wear jeans, shirts, waistcoats, formal suits with tie and shoes for on-board fine elegant dining.

Some of the Cruises Packages like Jalesh Cruise Package Mumbai to Goa have a dress code also so contact your cruise advisor to know about it depending on the activities planned during the evening.

Clothing according to Climate

The weather conditions may be varying in the area where you are sailing during your cruise package.

So as best travel advisors we suggest that keep a proper update on the weather before your trip. You should carry a raincoat and umbrella along with you in the Rainy season and cardigans or jackets for cold.


We think you should carry only those shoes that can use in multiple dresses. Male candidates can carry Joggers for casual wear and formal shoes at night parties while ladies can carry fancy shoes for daily activities and colored pencil heels at night Parties.

Important Documents

If you are traveling on a cruise inside the country on then you do not need any documents but if you going outside the country then you should carry some documents which are given below:

  1. You must carry your Original Passport along with you.
  2. You should carry a copy of the cruise booking acknowledgment.
  3. You should carry any of the government-issued ID papers like (PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, or any other ID card) along with you.


Hat, Sunglasses, and Sun Screen

Sometimes sun may be harsh so to protect from sunlight you should carry sunglasses, hats and headbands, bandanas, and scarves that make a look in your styling you should also carry sunscreen when you tanned in the open.

Small Backpack

You should also carry a small backpack that can be quite useful to carry your camera, books, or keeping sunscreen, sanitizer, water bottles, and other small items handy that you can carry on the board.

Double Connectivity Outlet

On Cruise, there are many cabins that have limited electrical outlets so we advise our customers that they should carry multiple connectivity outlets to connect their electric items at a time like charger, laptop, etc.

Mobile Roaming and Internet charges 

If you are traveling on a cruise then you should remember about the onboard roaming charges of that country where you are going. Sometimes when you sail in the sea then your mobile data will not work then you would try to connect with onboard satellite internet. So before using it you should know about the rates before connecting to it.

Entertainment Items

At cruise, all rooms have TV screens pre-loaded onboard which includes movies and shows while some cruises have theater screens for entertainment.

Most cruises have a library space full of books that you can read without any cost but you are free to carry your favorite book or novel.

Cruise also has a section for kids but bring the necessary items for your kids which are important without which they can’t live.


The cruise provides everything like Shampoo, Body Lotion, Conditioner and Body wash but if using only your favorite brand then you should carry all your own.

Laundry and Ironing

Most of the cruises have onboard laundry and ironing facilities for which they take a very few charges (only for laundry, ironing is free).


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