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Admission Process for Qingdao University China

Qingdao University is located in the Eastern region of Qingdao city in China. It is between the Mount Ocean and the yellow sea. The university has a very beautiful framework in which there is a very rich local culture with the beauty of nature. The university was established in the year 1909. It was the result of the merger that took place between Shandong textile and Engineering College and the Qingdao Medical College. Consistent development is the key to the development of the university and therefore it has achieved a respectable position in the country and the world. It provides various disciplines and wonderful facilities. Qingdao University China is capable of achieving the top rank in the Shandong province.

Applying On Website – Qingdao University China

The very first step to applying to the university is to apply on the website of the university. You must consult your foreign consultant for getting yourself registered in the right place. There are various universities in the name of the university where you want to take admission. Therefore, it is important to consult your foreign education consultant so that you can reach the right place.

Verification Process 

After you create a login ID on the website of the university, you will receive a verification email from the university. You need to confirm your identity and perform the verification process. If you do not get this Email and you are asked to pay the fees, please avoid doing that. Complete the procedure as required.


There will be e requirement of various documents for taking admission to the university in addition to do the documents required in your home country. Carefully submit all your documents to the university website. Otherwise, you will have to send them by post. Sending the documents by post will be a time-consuming process and your admission may be delayed. You will have to submit all the mark sheets and certificates necessary for graduation, identity proofs, photographs, and other required documents.

Application for Scholarships 

This is also the right time to apply for the scholarship programs or any other entities in China. It can help you get the scholarship according to your talent. You need to know the right time to apply for it so that you can get it at the right time. Read all the necessary information related to the scholarship very carefully so that there are no loopholes in your higher education. Most of the scholarship programs provide scholarships only for the first year, therefore read carefully about the scholarship program.

Visa Application 

You must apply for a visa if you have paid the fees. This might be news for you, but take care of it that you will get a visa after paying the entire fees for one year. You need to generate the receipt of payment of fees and then apply for Visa along with a statement of purpose. You may also need a letter of recommendation written by your professors of graduation. Prepare yourself well to study MBBS in China.

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