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Tips to Follow For A Healthy Journey in 2021

Traveling, no doubt can be a fantastic experience that comes with a lot of benefits. But long hours on the road can become stressful and can sometimes take a toll on your health. The last thing you want is to plan for a fun-filled vacation only for your body to get tired and tell you otherwise. That is why I, Darren Ainsworth, your renowned health expert have taken it upon myself to share tips on how to stay on top of your health games while traveling. After years of being on the road,  I have realized that you can have the best healthy journey experience of your life without ever getting sick. Read on to know how!

Research your destination ahead of travel

When you know what to expect in a country, you will be better prepared for it and you won’t be greeted with any surprises. Therefore, do your homework and know the health risks that are prevalent over there. Are there contagious diseases you need to be careful of? What about mosquitoes, water conditions, or any poisonous animals that can pose health dangers? Which climate is the country in and are you prone to any extreme weather conditions like flu, heatstroke, and many more? For this, you can check out warnings on your tourism website board. Go online and read posts in order to get yourself prepared.

Do some medical check-ups

To verify the state of health and avoid medical issues while on the trip, another important aspect you don’t want to ignore is medical check-ups. Visit your doctor for some general check-ups 3 to 4 weeks before traveling. Ensure that you are healthy and in a perfect fit for a healthy journey. 

Get vaccinated

This is one of the best ways to reduce your chances of getting sick while boosting your immune system to fight off any disease or virus that might want to attack. Although this is not always compulsory depending on the country, it is still important not to leave your health to chance but to take the necessary step possible to ensure your healthy journey while away. Talk to your physician about your destination and they will let you know which vaccination will be ideal for where you are going. 

Take medication in case of any medical conditions

Whether you are pregnant, or you have other health problems, it is important to share this information with your healthcare provider before making the move. Then, take all medications prescribed as directed both before, during, and after travel. There are different counterfeit drugs in some other countries and you do not want to fall victim. Hence, pack all the medicine that will be enough for you during your travel duration. However, pack smart so that you won’t be stopped at every checkpoint. One good way to go about it is to pack some in the traveling bag, backpack, and any other carry-on bag you might be having with you. 

Stock up on first aid kit

Sometimes unexpected issues occur and you want to be prepared as well for any emergencies. This is why you need to stock up on first aid kits especially if you are traveling to a place where it might be difficult to get those essentials. This should include anti-diarrheal medication, antibiotic cream, anti-motion sickness medication, pain relievers, bandages, and few threads. Depending on the location and the weather over there, you might also need to carry sunscreen, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, oral rehydration salt, and water disinfection tablets. 

Practice a healthy lifestyle while on the move

Finally, grab some water before going. Not everywhere you reach might be having water that is safe to drink. Yet, you still need to stay hydrated to stay healthy. And if you ever run out of water, get bottled water along the way. Eat healthily, sleep well, stay safe and enjoy everything traveling has to offer. 


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