Budget Travel Destinations in Europe

Budget Travel Destinations in Europe

Traveling is the source of individual identification by letting yourself lose in the beauty of every place you visit. While it is food for the soul for many wanderlusts, traveling is pricey. However, not every trip you plan should be expensive enough to empty your bank account. If you are planning to travel to Europe, countless places are cheap yet visit-worthy. Almost every city in Europe has its unique and picturesque qualities as the continent is a perfect blend of modern art and history. So, if you are in a travel shop in Oldham planning to go to a budget-friendly destination, here is a list for you.


Turkey has the heart of every traveler around the world. You can ask anyone, and they will tell you that they want to visit Turkey once in their life. The major reason why it has always been the centre of attraction for everyone is that it is where east meets west. Traveling to Turkey isn’t only easy but affordable. You can have an endless list of places you can visit in Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara. You should choose Istanbul for accommodation as it has the lowest fares for hotels and the markets are also cheaper compared to other cities. There is plenty of sightseeing options for you whether you want to visit the historical mosques and museums or take a tour in the hot air balloons in Cappadocia.


Although Greece is known for its fancy dinners, 5-star restaurants, and hotels, you can still enjoy a memorable tour in a budget. While you will find all these expensive accommodations and market places, you will also get s lot of cheaper options depending on where you decide to stay. The Greek islands are a major attraction, which is why people think that reaching there will be an expensive ride. However, you can easily hire a ferry or a boat to reach there without spending any extra money. Paros, Skiathos, and Ios are much cheaper destinations to visit there.

Czech Republic

When you think about visiting the Czech, the first things that come to mind are the gothic cathedrals and ancient churches that you will find in Prague. Prague is the major tourist attraction when traveling to the Czech Republic. There is a misconception due to which tourists tend to stay outside the Czech Republic. However, there are many affordable cities for accommodation inside the republic such as Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary, and Brno. Another great thing about the Czechs is that they sell beer cheaper than water, and food is also affordable.


Spain can be extremely cheap with all its delectable cuisine, historical architect, and amazing places to visit. So, make sure that Spain is on your list when you are traveling on a budget. Spain has a lot of small restaurants, tapas, and bars where you can grab a cheap snack or a beer. Not only that, but accommodation can also be very cost-friendly if you stay in Mallorca or the Canary Islands. Barcelona, and Ayamonte.


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