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Box Printing And Its Influence On The Cosmetics Industry

Very few times are customers so convinced of a brand’s promise to deliver the best as they are when they witness exquisite boxes. Box printing is a tool that has changed the way cosmetic companies market their brands.

Over the last decade, the cosmetic industry has made over $4.5 trillion in sales every year. The global use of social media has further exaggerated this trend. People always want to look their best and so, cosmetics are naturally high in demand. There is still untapped potential in the market that needs to be considered before packaging is settled on. Customers judge the boxes by their looks and consider them just as important as the products themselves.

The growing sales figures show the love for cosmetics but it also reflects the amount of competition in the industry. Sellers eyeing to start up here need to be aware of their branding options to make a memorable mark amongst all the noise. Understanding the nuances of printing is necessary to unlock its potential. What you will get is improved brand appeal and more customers vouching for the brand.

Owning the Brand Name

If you have got the best cosmetics, let the world know it!

The brand name gets etched in the buyers’ memories when they see it engraved on boxes. That is why big brands always put their logo and title on the front of the boxes. This is what customers see first when they shop or receive orders at their doorsteps.

Research says that people retain images that they find amusing. Brands that have survived long enough in the cosmetics industry have used this customer behavior in their stride. The logo that customers see on digital ads must be added to the boxes so it looks familiar and makes a firm impact.

Why is this needed? The reason is quite obvious; 90% of customers opt for products that belong to recognizable brands. Printing secures this element and branding gets a new lease of life when the boxes are used as a marketing mechanism in this way.

Fits in the Pockets

Marketing is costly. It takes up a lot of the total revenues and budgets. Alternate methods to billboards and hoardings may not work well all the time. But printing can take over these!

Box printing done with conviction and the right professional guidance is bound to leave customers spellbound. Many interesting patterns and color choices can be included within the packaging and the boxes can be shaped up as needed too. Custom features make cost-savings real and achievable.

With modern printing methods, the total cost of printing can be brought under control. Experts can craft effective cost plans that cater to the business’s limitations and fit the marketing regime within reach.

Custom printed shipping boxes

Make the Products Look Regal

Cosmetics, after all, create a better visual effect. The boxes must do that too.

The products are only as fit as their boxes. As far-fetched as it may sound, customers actually believe that! Cosmetic boxes, in particular, must appeal strongly and radiate positive energy. Only then would potential buyers be influenced to try the brand.

Printing can be done using any font styles, color combos, marketing texts, etc. the sky’s the limit as far as creative printing goes. Custom inserts like the brand’s signature style can further put an exclusive appearance on the boxes. Buyers must feel that the products are worth buying when they see the packaging boxes engraved with exciting designs.

Boxes can also be modified from all angles. Customized boxes are created to stand out. Not just the boxes’ look but the structure can also be made more eye-catching. A lot of veteran cosmetic brands use special boxes for promotions and to launch new products. It works well to get the customers’ attention on the brand. Custom options make it easy to order boxes as and in the desired quantities.

Don’t have to Follow the Norm

Who says that the brand must look like XYZ? The beauty of custom printing is that the brand can adopt a differentiated look. There isn’t any norm that the business has to follow. Unique brand appeal wins over an expanded customer base.

The only thing that the cosmetic brand has to adhere to is the reflection of the production materials used. Otherwise, customers don’t trust the brand and the business can be fined by the regulatory authorities. Printing the exact ingredients, uses, application directions, can encourage customers to go for the brand. Custom printed shipping boxes instruct the handlers through instructions pasted on the boxes. It aids in keeping the contents secure during transit.

Brands such as Dior, are known for their exclusive brand appeal and premium box textures. Printing lets the sellers decide on the stock paper too. In short, the whole brand feel can get a revamped look when there are ample custom printing options at hand.

Who should opt for such printing?

Every business, whether in the cosmetics market or not, can utilize printing to its advantage. It holds limitless possibilities for branding. Including:

  • An effective way to establish contact with buyers. Businesses can use creative marketing texts to persuade customers that the brand is fit for use.
  • Allure audience with fascinating box accessories. A simple handle or side cut can add an edge to the brand.
  • Let the products do the talking using window cutouts and realistic product illustrations.
  • Enhance the printing using premium and metallic inks among other options.

Regardless of the size of the business, printing is a necessary inclusion to the marketing regime. Without effective boxes communicating directly with buyers, the brand would have a tough time establishing itself in the cosmetics market.

Lively colored texts and textures improve the brand’s perception among the target customers and compel them to keep choosing the brand for future purchases.



When in doubt over the brand’s future growth, using box printing can bail out the company. It gives a good scope for brand awareness along with generating a revamped brand look.


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