Laptop or Desktop

Laptop Or Desktop Which is The Best?

If you are thinking of buying a computer and are confused between laptop or desktop. You would need to choose as per your requirement as both of them have pros and cons. If you are looking for a cheap Best laptop under 20000 or looking for a high-end model it all depends on what is your end-use. In this article, we would discuss both laptop and desktop and try to clear your doubts which are you are carrying in your mind. 

As Per Costing:


If you want to choose a desktop then there is a big variety of options to choose from, so this gives a good range in prices too. We can start from cheap options and the prices would climb if as per your requirement. Desktop price can be as low as $450 without compromising on the quality front. There is one option of assembling the products which can help to bring down the prices of the desktop.


When it comes to laptops there are some limitations to the number of components that can be used. If you want a laptop with good graphics, top-class speed, and more storage then you would need to empty your pockets as the rates are very high which could range from $850 and above. It would vary from brand to brand, but if you prefer good brands you would need to pay a good amount for them.

In this case, the Desktop is the clear winner when we compare it with the laptops.

As Per Portability:


In this case, desktops have a different monitor, in general, they are a little heavy to carry from one place to other. We can move them from one place to another but it is a tedious task. They are generally made in such a pattern that they should be kept in one place. 


The main purpose of why the laptop was designed was to keep in mind that it should be portable. The earlier versions were bulky but gradually they have evolved and now we can easily carry them from one place to another. Which is a great benefit for today’s generation which is always on move. If you take the example of marketing professionals, students, teachers who are taking online classes the list is endless. 

With no doubt, the laptop is the clear winner in this case.

As Per Processor:


If we consider desktop processors they are large in size so they are much more powerful compared to laptops. With the advancement in technology more powerful processors are available which have left the laptop way behind in the race. It is good to know CPU full form as we get different varieties in the desktop version.


Processors used in laptops are smaller in size so they have limited capacity due to which they lack in speed as compared to the counterpart. Gaming laptops are having good processors but the price range is very high.

On this front to desktop is the clear winner, as desktop does not need to worry about saving the battery life. 

As Per Internal Storage:


If we consider the storage capacity of desktops then they have multiple internal storage spaces where we can easily install them. 


There is only one internal drive that can be stored on the laptop. There is no option to save multiple drives. A laptop has other options external hard disk can be used.

In this case also desktop is the clear winner as there is more space to put multiple drives, which is not the case when we consider the laptops.

As Per Keyboard:


When we talk about the keyboards, we can surely use include number pad along with it, size does not matter here. We can opt for many fancy options which are more durable and portable if we compare them with laptop keyboards.


Generally, the laptops would have small keyboards and where the number pad option is missing. If you opt for smaller laptops that have 14’ to 15’ screens the number pad would be missing in this option. If you buy bigger laptops then the keyboard would have a number pad but heavy to carry.

We can use a desktop keyboard with the laptops so in that case there would be no winner here.


If you go through the above points you would find desktop as the upper hand as it is bigger and powerful. So they have a distinct advantage over the laptops. But the number of users using a laptop is more, so we have seen a surge in the popularity of laptops. Many people are doing work from home nowadays and traveling between their home town and office, still, they can complete their task with the help of the laptops. Which has been a boon for modern-day working professionals. So it all boils down to what is your requirement and what kind of work you want to do using that laptop or desktop.


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