Sunscreen: The Best Way to Finish your Skincare Routine

Identifying your skin type is not the end of the line for many. Even if you are willing to add sunscreen lotion to your daily skincare routine, you need to know all the specifics of it. As the best sunscreen lotion for your skin differs based on your skin’s type, it is evident that you’ll need to completely change your approach to it based on what type of skin you have.

If you are someone with oily skin, then this could be the best short guide that can help you apply that sunscreen lotion in the best way possible. 

Let’s take a look at the skincare routine for oily skin first. 

Routine in the morning–

  • Use a Cleanser

Oily skin works differently. This is because there is a slight chance that your skin is oily. After all, your skin pores are too big. And that is why oily skin can never go without cleansing. In fact, this should be the first thing in the morning. Make sure that the cleanser you choose is mild-water-based. Other than that, it will make sure that you start your day fresh and anew.

  • Next Up: Exfoliator

For someone with oily skin, you would know that you are prime to the coverage of dead skin cells that build up on top of the skin. Other problems such as blackheads and clogged pores are also quite common. In such cases, an exfoliator can be quite common. And that is why an exfoliator should be an integral part of the initial phase of your skincare routine. But, you should not go all out on it. Just make sure that you exfoliate your skin at least 2 or 3 times a day. 

  • Pick the right Toners

The working of toners on oily skin is not that different from their working on dry skin. In simple words, toners help in getting rid of the residual dirt and makeup. For oily skin, a good toner is the one that takes the oiliness into account and dampens the skin a little bit. 

  • Moisturizer is Essential

When we talk about oily skin, this is the stage where you should become pickier. You must think about using moisturizers that have a gel-type texture. The more creamy the moisturizer, the more are the chances for it to clog up your pores and make your skin even more oily. On the other hand, when you have sensitive skin, make sure to look for products that have soothing properties. And also, in addition to that, look for some lightweight eye cream that can keep the skin under your eyes delicate.

Finishing it off with a Sunscreen Lotion?

Now, even if you have gone out to buy the best sunscreen lotion for yourself based on your skin type, it won’t work in the best way possible mostly because you might not have the right idea of when to apply it. 

A sunscreen lotion should be typically applied at the end of your general skin-care routine. The use of Lotus Herbals sunscreen for oily skin is the best example of that. 

The sunscreen will help you prevent your skin from getting in contact with the harmful UV rays of the sun. In addition to that, if you are in the mood for an experiment, you can also end up combining moisturizer with sunscreen, it can help you make the most of both products. When it comes to the quantity, make sure that you apply somewhere around ½ teaspoon on your face. 

On that note, let’s end this article on an analytical note. Though you might want to use the products that are recommended to you by the experts, however, it is also important for you to make sure that you yourself have the right idea regarding your skin type. 

No matter how many high-quality products you own. No matter how structured your daily skincare routine is. You still need to make sure that the products in use are the best for your skin type. Especially when it comes to the best sunscreen in India, you need to effectively find the one that works for oily skin. 


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