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Tips For A Healthy Road Trip Vacation

Finally, we can hit the road and take that long-awaited trip after months of being in lockdown. Thank goodness the covid 19 pandemics has been well-managed, vaccination is here and the lockdown is over. As a travel freak and a dietitian, Darren Ainsworth has always placed emphasis on the importance of staying healthy while on the move. Travelling comes with a lot of adventures and fun, however, staying healthy is the last thing that always comes to mind. I mean how can you stay on top of your health and wellness game after hours on the wheels, growling hungry stomachs and your legs and arms screaming tiredness. We tend to only opt for fast food, vending machines, and any snack shops that are close by. It’s not surprising that many of you end up being tired, stressed, and exhausted after your trips instead of staying refreshed and rejuvenated. 

It’s still pandemic, and you don’t want to compromise some days of adventures for your health. That is why it is important to make health and wellness a priority while on that exciting road trip vacation. Here are expert tips to help you stay healthy on your road trip. This way, you can distress, relax, and rejuvenate- a much-needed self-care at this time of uncertainty. 

Plan your trip ahead

If you do not want to settle for any restaurants beside the gas station, you need to plan for your trip ahead. Planning is the first step to staying healthy while on the move and I learned this key lesson the hard way. From snacks to water, you need to know what you can travel with, visit the grocery stores for snacks, fruits and vegetables, and non-perishable items that you can pack with you. While you are getting sunscreen and travel gears, food is one thing you should never forget. 

Stock up on healthy snacks

Another way to avoid making unhealthy food choices is to store up on healthy snacks. This can be nuts, fresh fruits, sandwiches, dried seaweed snacks, and many more which can be easily tossed into a snack back. You can also get a cooler filled with ice to keep fresh, perishable snacks such as Greek yogurts, beverages, brown rice cake, and so much more. Eating healthy while on the road doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Book ahead with healthy restaurants

Before hitting the road, it is also important to research your destination for healthy restaurants along the journey and in your final destination. This will help you to filter through the noise for the best restaurants out there that can stand in for you when hunger comes knocking. Another good thing you can do for yourself is to choose a hotel or accommodation that provides a kitchen. This gives you opportunities to cook and eat whatever you like a while away from home.  

Get enough zzzzz

Between visiting historic places, climbing the mountains, or hiking, we understand there are a lot of things you want to dive into and take in at once, but you still need to take a rest. Get enough sleep when tired and stay energized for the trip the next day. And while on the road, it is important to keep resting in between to keep fresh eyes on the road at all times. Driving while drowsy is not only bad for your health but it is also dangerous. Park somewhere to get some sleep or alternate driving with healthy journey partners. 

Stay hydrated

This is another important thing you should never take for granted. Bring along your water and drink plenty of them. This will allow you to stay healthy and alert while fighting off other traveling woes like fatigue and headache. Moreover, stay away from caffeinated drinks, coffee or soda as much as you can. 

Make time for your mental health

Create as much time as possible for your mental health in order to stay positive and happy. Meditate, read books, exercise, practice yoga, and do any other activities that tend to make you stay focused and relaxed. 

For more on health, diet, and nutrition, you can go through Darren Ainsworth up to date information and helpful insights to help you stay healthy. 


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