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Meet the Red-Haired Legacy – Amanda Comstock, Carrot Top’s Daughter

Have you ever wondered whether Carrot Top, the famous comedian, is married or has kids? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page. We are going to introduce you to Amanda Comstock Carrot Top’s daughter! Her striking carrot-red hair is just as eye-catching as her famous father’s. Want to know more about this celebrity offspring? Keep reading!

Birth, Parents, and Education

The date and year of Amanda Comstock, Carrot Top’s daughter, is not available to the public. The only fact known is that she was born with vibrant red hair, just like her famous father, Carrot Top. Not much is revealed about who her mom is, but then again, she is part of this colorful family, too!

Though little is known about Amanda’s education, her childhood years must have been full of entertainment and fun owing to her father’s showbiz background.

We also do not know how old she is or what career she is pursuing at the moment since not much is known about her at all.

How old is carrot top

Carrot Top – Father

Amanda Comstock’s father is Carrot Top who is an American stand-up comedian. Carrot Top was born on February 25, 1965, in Rockledge, Florida. His characteristic trait is his bright orange hair, from which he acquired his stage name.

His father, Larry Thompson, was a rocket scientist who had retired after working on primary NASA missions like Gemini and Apollo. His mother’s name is Dona Thompson.

Carrot Top also has a sister named Tracy Thompson. She is not as popular as her brother but she is from the Thompson family!

He attended Cocoa High School and was later admitted to Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. In his first year, he realized he had a feel for comedy and then went on to become an accomplished standup comedian.

The name Carrot Top comes from his bright orange hair, which he dyed early in his career.

Is Carrot Top Gay? Exploring the Rumors


We do not have any information about the mother of Amanda Comstock. Carrot Top is currently unmarried but has been in a long-term relationship with a woman named Amanda Hogan. They’ve been together since 2015, and their connection seems quite solid.

The Career of Carrot Top

Over the course of more than thirty years, Carrot Top has established an impressive career. He is renowned for his prop-based comedy, utilizing a vast array of objects to craft uproarious performances. His lively demeanor and distinctive style of humor have solidified his status as a comedic legend. It is no surprise that Carrot Top’s net worth reflects his success, as he continues to entertain audiences with his unique sense of humor.

Las Vegas Residency

For more than 11 years, Carrot Top has headlined a comedy show at the Luxor in Las Vegas. His residency has been a huge success, drawing diverse crowds from all over the world.

Film and TV Series

Besides stand-up, Carrot Top has appeared in several films, One notable example of a Carrot Top movie role is “Chairman of the Board”. He’s also made cameos on TV shows like “Scrubs” and even lent his voice to commentary tracks.

  • Hollywood Heist (Post-production): An agent tries to save a movie production after its funding is stolen. Carrot Top stars alongside Nick Cannon and Alec Baldwin.
  • Willie Tyler and Lester: Hello Dummy! (Documentary, Post-production): This documentary explores the legendary ventriloquist Willie Tyler and his partner, Lester. Carrot Top makes an appearance.
  • Lake Havasu Shark Attack (Adventure, Post-production): Think “The Treasure of Sierra Madre” meets “Jaws.” Carrot Top is part of the cast.
  • The Funny Robbers (Comedy, Announced): Four comedians return to small comedy clubs after years in arenas. Carrot Top plays a role in this comedic adventure.

The Career of Amanda Comstock Carrot Top’s Daughter

amanda comstock carrot top

Amanda Comstock leads a very private life and we don’t have any information about her career or if she is pursuing any studies.

Social Media Presence of Carrot Top

Comedian Carrot Top has a vibrant social media presence. Here are some key points:

Instagram: You can find him on Instagram as @carrottoplive, where he shares glimpses of his life, performances, and behind-the-scenes moments. He has around 160K followers there.

YouTube: Carrot Top maintains a YouTube channel called CarrotTopLive, where he posts videos related to his comedy routines, interviews, and more. He has over 9.7K subscribers and has uploaded around 232 videos.

TikTok: He’s also active on TikTok as @carrottoplive, engaging with fans through short, fun videos. His TikTok account showcases his humor and personality. He has 105.9 K followers there.

X: Carrot Top has an X account @RealCarrotTop, and has 65.9 K followers.

Facebook: Carrot Top has a Facebook page also. He has 174K followers there.

Website: Carrot Top has a website, where he posts about his tours, and his Vegas show, so you can check out when he is going to tour your city for a performance.

Amanda Comstock Carrot Top’s daughter has no social media presence.

Bottom Line

Amanda Comstock, Carrot Top’s daughter, remains a fascinating mystery with her vibrant red hair and low public profile. Despite limited information about her, she shares a unique connection with her famous father. The curiosity about Amanda Comstock Carrot Top’s daughter, continues to intrigue fans, highlighting the enduring legacy of this comedic family.

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