Carrot Top Daughter

The Red-Haired Carrot Top Daughter

Popular comedian, Scott Thompson, is also called Carrot Top. Scott is a man who does prop comedy with his distinct bright red hair as is his signature look. Carrot Top has a huge stage presence but keeps his private life under wraps. This gives him a mysterious air as people can’t get a hold of what his private looks like. For instance, not many know about Carrot Top daughter, who shares the same hair color as him. This article will delve into who is Carrot Top’s daughter, Carrot Top’s financial status, his career, and other important things. It will also explain how he got his stage name because Carrot Top is not his formal name.

Carrot Top Personal Life

Scott’s fiery red hair earned him the name “Carrot Top”, a name he has adopted as his stage name. This is because his hair color looks like the top of a carrot.


Carrot Top was born in 1965, and this makes him 58 years old. He celebrates his birthday every 25th of February each year.


Carrot Top attended high school and university in Florida, America, since he was born and bred there.


Not much is known about Carrot Top’s parents, except for his mother. That is, nobody knows much about his father, only that he was an engineer for NASA. However, his mother has been a huge support for Carrot Top, including his career choice.


Carrot Top is the youngest child of his parents. He has one sister and one brother. In addition, he is quite close to them and often mentions them. Even Carrot Top daughter is close to them. And unlike Carrot Top, his siblings don’t like to be under public scrutiny, hence, they keep out of the media. They live a low-key life without outsiders knowing what they are up to. His sister, in particular, cherishes her privacy more than anything. This is understandable, as the public would always be interested in the sibling,  given that their brother is popular.


Carrot Top’s career has spanned more than three decades. He first started his career while in college and graduated to the professional stage thereafter. His career included television show and film appearances, talk shows, comedy, hosting gigs, commercials, and so on.

Comedy career

Carrot Top is a versatile and dedicated comedian. This is evidenced by his participation in various comedy styles such as line comedy, prop comedy, stand-up comedy, and so on. His live comedy in 1991 was his big break that took him to the limelight. He didn’t rest on his laurels and did more shows ever since then. Not only that, Carrot Top successfully dabbled into live comedy in 2005. His performance made the organizers book him for the same show in subsequent years.

Acting Journey

Carrot Top has acted in many films, mainly comedy shows. Some of his roles include guest roles in many iconic television series that became blockbusters. Furthermore, he also did some internet shows with other actors and comedians. His appearances on these shows garnered him more followers on his social media platforms.

Who is Carrot Top’s child?

Carrot Top doesn’t have more than one child, and her name is Amanda Comstock. Carrot Top daughter inherited his look, most especially, his carrot red hair. Her hair is as eye-catching as her father’s, which makes people identify her as Carrot Top daughter.

Is Carrot Top daughter a celebrity?

Just like her aunt and uncle, Carrot Top daughter isn’t a celebrity like her dad. She has a different career that doesn’t involve the entertainment circle. Likewise, she doesn’t post much of her very private life on social media. Even when she was young, her father did a good job of protecting her from the public.

Financial status

Carrot Top’s career has shot him to fame and opened many job opportunities for him. This is why he earns a huge income for every job he does. Moreover, Carrot Top is hardworking, diligent, and manages his money well. As a result, he is a millionaire worth about 76 million dollars. This amount is accumulated from his many years of being a comedian and entertainer.

Interesting facts about Carrot Top

  • Carrot Top once worked at a mortgage firm as a courier worker.
  • He used to swim when he was young.
  • Carrot Top attended a high school that was named after a beverage.
  • He was part of a concert and marching band and used to play drums for the band.
  • He began his career as a college freshman.


Lastly, despite what many might think about this larger-than-life personality, the opposite is the case. Carrot Top looks like any other person out there. His life is also like a normal person’s life, well, except for his career, and lovely hair. His family life shows that behind the fame, Carrot Top is a man with lots of depth and values family ties. His interaction with his family isn’t different from a non-celebrity’s. This can be seen by the way his daughter was brought up. Carrot Top daughter was brought up surrounded by family and love. She remains down-to-earth despite her father’s fame.


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