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LeBron James Is Alive, Not Dead

39-year-old LeBron James is a professional NBA basketballer in America. He has been with the Laker’s player league and played for them. LeBron is among the greatest basketballers in the world and has made history both locally, and internationally. Some even compare him to Michael Jordan, something that has been subject to debates. However, there has been a recent question circulating the media which is a cause for concern. The question is, is LeBron James dead?

Who is LeBron James?

In the history of the NBA, LeBron is known to be a top scorer and one of the most valuable players. He has scored numerous goals on the basketball court and has assisted his teammates several times. Therefore, it is a sad thing to see questions like is LeBron James dead on the internet.


LeBron grew up with his mom in the US, as his father was out of his life when he was born. Being a single mother was difficult for his mother because it was hard for her to find a stable job. They often moved and lived in very dangerous neighborhoods that could have had a bad influence on the young LeBron. So to give LeBron a better life, she made the hard decision to let LeBron live with another family. This decision changed the life of LeBron, as his new home is the home of a sports coach. It was the coach that got LeBron interested in basketball at a very young age.

Championship matches and achievements

LeBron has played in 10 NBA final championships. However, he won four professional championships when he played for different basketball clubs.


In addition, he’s got:

  • two gold medals at the Olympic Games
  • four most valuable player awards at the finals, and another four most valuable player awards for championships.
  • LeBron was nominated two times for the all-defensive player award, but he only got the runner-up spot.
  • He was a six-time member of the NBA defensive team.
  • For 19 times, he was picked to play for the NBA team and was named an all-star player.

2023 death hoax

In 2023, thousands of “Is LeBron James dead” questions filled the internet. This question was a result of LeBron’s fake death news that spread all over the internet. The supposed death announcement went viral and got LeBron’s fans concerned. The death rumor started circulating in September 2023. This is not the first time there has been fake news about the death of a public figure.

Who or what started the rumor?

Perhaps in a bid to go viral and gain more followers, a Facebook page first posted “Rest in peace, LeBron James.” Since the person mentioned in the post is a celebrity, it attracted many social media users. The page erroneously detailed how LeBron passed away and what killed him, including the time and date. The poster even sent their condolences and sympathy to LeBron’s family and friends.

Appeal for sympathy and clout

The page further asked readers to show sympathy by liking, sharing, and commenting. Millions of users flocked to the page, some liked, some commented, while others shared the post. As a result, numerous “Is LeBron James dead” questions followed suit as the post spread rapidly within and outside Facebook. Even Twitter (X) was not left out of the frenzy.

Readers’ reactions to the post

Although many people were reposting the fake news, some fans didn’t believe it was true. They claimed that it was not the first time there would be fake news about a celebrity’s death. In the year 2023 alone, there had been more than 20 fake death news stories about public figures. Besides, there were no formal announcements of LeBron’s death, so they refused to believe it.

A few of them analyzed that major news outlets would have broken the news of LeBron, given his status in society. To them, it is preposterous that an unauthorized Facebook page would post LeBron’s death. This showed the poster had malicious intentions.

The media’s reaction

Furthermore, some online media made a poll to check public opinion about the recent death rumor. Nearly 90 percent of the respondents hated the idea of posting the death of someone who is still alive.

Debunking the death rumor

LeBron, his family, and his team were quick to dispel the bad rumor going around online via their social media. They said that it was just a hoax intended to chase clout by mischievous people on the internet. Additionally, the expressed regret at the misleading post was made to evoke sympathy from unsuspecting people on the internet.

Official statement debunking the news

Representatives of the basketball association have come out to declare and affirm that LeBron is alive and healthy. They were surprised to see LeBron’s name among the celebrities that were rumored to be dead this year. They enjoined people to not believe any unconfirmed post they see online. The representatives also appreciated LeBron’s fans, who were understandably angry at the hurtful and distressing post.


To conclude it all, being a public figure comes with good and bad things. One of the bad experiences is what LeBron James has experienced in September 2023. Thankfully, NBA reps and his loved ones have helped him clear the situation. Since the official statement to debunk the death hoax was out, the “Is LeBron James dead?” topic has changed. It changed to “LeBron James is alive.”


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