Jessyka Janshel

Jessyka Janshel, A Celebrity That Keeps Her Relationship A Secret

Jessyka Janshel and James Harden, are a mysterious pair that are romantically involved. Both are celebrities who have been linked with other celebrities previously. They don’t show off their relationship on social media, which makes people wonder if they’re really dating. To get a glimpse of the life of these two beautiful individuals, read below.

A Brief Glimpse Into Jessyka’s Life

Jessyka Janshel has been in several magazines and musical videos. She also posts her modeling pictures on her social media page, most especially on Instagram. Her Instagram page has hundreds of users following her page.

Age and Ethnicity

Jessyka Janshel is below average height, and more than 30 years old. As a Texan, Jessyka has the standard Texan drawl. Jessyka has more than one ethnicity, but is an American national.

Educational History

Jessyka was born and grew up in America, where she completed all her education. She went to University after completing her high school education for further studies. However, she left before she got her college degree due to her modeling job.

Parents and Siblings

Jessyka Janshel currently keeps the identity of her parents and siblings a secret from the public. In fact, the media recently focused their attention on her because she is in love with James. James was embroiled with his previous girlfriend, which garnered a huge media attention.

Jessyka’s Professional Life

Modelling Job

Even though Jessyka didn’t get her college degree, she didn’t relent in achieving her goals. She didn’t give up her love for modeling. Jessyka opted for the entertainment sector and got an opportunity with a major modeling agency.

Social Media Celebrity

Jessyka is versatile and enterprising. She opened an Instagram account and became famous there, too. Her numerous followers further helped shoot her to online fame.

Music Video Appearance

Jessyka proved to her fans that she could achieve her dreams if she put her mind to it. She has appeared in many music videos, something she started eight years ago.

Hosting Gig

Jessyka has done some hosting jobs, and one was with Josh Huff, an NFL player.

Jessyka’s Worth

Jessyka Janshel has collaborated with other artists to make lots of music videos, and each video gave her a sizable income. In addition, the lady has modeled for several brands and earned a lot from the jobs. Moreover, Jessyka is very smart with her finances and knows the importance of investing wisely. All her earnings from her jobs and her investments have given her a huge net worth.

Jessyka’s Dating History

Jessyka shares a two-year age gap with her current boyfriend, James. She is involved with a U.S. pro basketballer called James Harden Jr. James went pro in 2009 when he was picked for the major league as a shooting guard for his team. He played so well that he received different recognitions as an excellent player, which he definitely deserved.

His first pro-team traded him to another pro-team in 2012 to play for them for that season. He stayed with them for nearly a decade and asked to be switched to another team. In a nutshell, James played for more than four teams in the span of 15 years.

The Start of Jessyka and James’s Relationship

Before Jessyka, James was linked with other ladies who were actresses, singers, or models. His most recent relationship before Jessyka was with a Kardashian, but they split in 2016. Then he met and fell in love with Jessyka Janshel and asked her out a year later. The lovebirds have been low-key ever since the media knew the two are an item. You can’t even see their romantic photos online.

James’ Age and Nationality

James is also over 30 and an American national like his girlfriend. He comes from a family of African Americans with core family values.

James Harden’s Achievements

Between the years 2018 and 2020, James got a scoring title three times. Then he won the National Basketball Association All-Star ten times. In 2018, he was given the MVP of the year award. Additionally, James won a gold medal for his participation in two major basketball tournaments. Furthermore, he joined the U.S. national team two times in a row. Youngsters interested in basketball look up to James as their role model.

Jessyka’s Disappearance From The Limelight

Jessyka Janshel is currently off the internet for reasons unknown to the public. This has led to various speculations that the model has sorted ways with James. Yet, the two involved in the speculations have neither denied or acknowledged the rumors. They’ve kept silent on all issues concerning their love lives. Nevertheless, sources close to them claim they’re still dating, albeit in secret. They assumed the pair wanted to enjoy their love life without any hassle or media harassment.


Lastly, Jessyka Janshel can expect the media to constantly follow her since she is still with James. Even if she takes a vacation, it becomes sensational news on the internet. Living like that can sometimes be tiring. But Jessyka isn’t new to the attention being a celebrity brings. She is well-prepared, hence why she keeps her private life tightly hidden.