Meet Brad McDill - First Husband of Megan King

Meet Brad McDill – First Husband of Megan King

Brad McDill, a name that may not ring a bell for most, is a legal luminary whose career and personal life have occasionally found their way into the spotlight. In this article, we’ll delve into the life and career of Brad McDill, exploring his journey from a young law graduate to a successful lawyer, and even a chapter from his personal life that made headlines.

Early Life and Education

Brad McDill was born in the year 1980 in the United States. While much is known about his professional life, details about his early life, including his parents and upbringing, remain relatively private. However, his journey into academia and the legal field is well-documented.

McDill embarked on his academic journey in Jackson, Mississippi. He pursued a degree in accounting at Mississippi State University, a significant milestone that laid the foundation for his future endeavors. His pursuit of knowledge didn’t stop there; Brad McDill set his sights on a law degree, which he obtained from the University of Mississippi School of Law.

Brad McDill: The Legal Eagle

Brad McDill started his legal profession armed with a law degree. He entered the demanding field of civil and business litigation, where his legal knowledge would be called into question. Even if his early career was not well-known, it was nevertheless characterised by tenacity, devotion, and a pursuit of perfection.

McDill was well-known in the legal community throughout his career thanks to his diligence and strong legal abilities. With steady progress, he rose to the top of the American legal profession. His rise from a recent law graduate to an accomplished legal practitioner is evidence of his diligence and enthusiasm for the subject.

Brad McDill: Personal and Professional Life 

Brad McDill’s professional achievements were undoubtedly noteworthy, but it was his personal life that occasionally made headlines. In 2007, at the age of 27, Brad took a significant step in his personal journey. He married a young woman named Meghan, whose last name was soon to change to King through marriage.

Their union, which occurred in July 2007, marked a new chapter in both their lives. Meghan, who had recently graduated from the University of Mississippi, was just 22 at the time. The young couple embarked on their marital journey with dreams and aspirations for the future.

Megan King

Many people know Meghan King Edmonds because she has been on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” She is known for being open and honest, having an entrepreneurial spirit, and standing up for important causes. Her relationships, including her marriage to former baseball player Jim Edmonds, have been closely followed by the media.

But Meghan is more than just a reality TV star. She is also a mother, entrepreneur, and vocal advocate for various causes. This makes her a versatile and influential figure in the public eye. Despite facing challenges in her personal life, she continues to balance her roles as a public figure, parent, and advocate with strength and determination.


Meghan King Edmonds, originally from St. Louis, tied the knot with Brad McDill, a lawyer, in 2007 when she was just 22 years old. This young union occurred shortly after her graduation from the University of Mississippi in July 2007.

Their marriage had problems and they separated on October 14, 2011, according to court papers. The reason for their separation was “irreconcilable differences.” Meghan said their split after four years was friendly and simple. They officially divorced on November 30, 2011.

Moving On

Following the divorce, Meghan reverted to her maiden name, Meghan O’Toole King. The divorce papers showed that Meghan kept her own things, some money from a shared bank account, and a 2004 Nissan Murano.

Brad McDill got to keep his belongings, bank accounts, work bonus from 2011, and a 2005 Ford F-150. They also split the money they made from selling their house that was worth $225,000.

Brad McDill: The Lawyer and Partner

As his personal life underwent changes, Brad McDill continued to excel in his legal career. He emerged as a prominent lawyer, with expertise in civil and commercial litigation. His legal journey saw him partner with various law firms, each step contributing to his growth and reputation in the field.

One significant chapter in his career was his partnership with “King Krehbiel and Hellmich, LLC” from March 2009 to December 2011. While the connection between this firm’s name and Meghan’s maiden name remains uncertain, the timeline coincided with the finalization of Brad and Meghan’s divorce.

Currently, Brad McDill is associated with “Hubbard Mitchell Williams & Strain, PLLC,” where he serves as a partner. His knowledge and skills in the law make him highly respected in the legal world.

Bottom Line 

Brad McDill has had an impressive career as a lawyer, starting from when he graduated from law school. He came into the spotlight when he married Meghan King, the reality TV personality. He has worked hard and become well-known in the legal field, even though his personal life has also been in the spotlight at times.