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The Life And Death of Teenage Rapper Notti Osama

Notti Osama was a rapper who died young. In 2022, the boy whose official name was Ethan Reyes, was killed after a fatal stabbing. His death occurred as a result of a brawl with another teenager. The unfortunate incident happened in Manhattan. Sadly, this brawl resulted in Notti Osama death. Read on to know more about this young and promising rapper whose life was cut short.

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The Fatal Brawl

On a fateful day in 2022, the deceased, Notti, met his rival at a rail station. The meeting was a bad idea because the two had some prior issues. They argued and the rival, who is a teen himself, brought out a knife to fight Notti. Notti was fatally wounded and taken to a hospital for medical intervention. Unfortunately, two days later, he passed away at the hospital, never to be seen no more. This means that the fight and the subsequent violence led to Notti Osama death.

Who Stabbed Notti?

Police didn’t release the name or identity of the teenager that stabbed Notti leading to his death. Nevertheless, they revealed that he also sustained stab wounds and had to be taken to a healthcare center for treatment. Those who were close to Notti commended the Police’s quick efforts in solving the case and arresting the suspect. They also expressed their shock that teenagers could do something so tragic to each other. Furthermore, what was more shocking was that Notti and the accused knew each other before the dispute.

Reasons For The Fight

The police couldn’t ascertain the cause of the fight that led to such a cruel killing. However, it was glaring to all that the fight was a culmination of all the issues Notti and his rival had. Still, no matter how many disagreements both had, the police frowned on killing or taking somebody else’s life. And since there are consequences for every action, Notti’s murderer was arrested and tried in court. His previous charges were really serious but were later changed to a lesser degree. But it doesn’t mean he didn’t stand trial for Notti Osama death.

What Led To The Change In The Charges?

During the court trial, the accused confessed that it wasn’t his intention to kill Notti in cold blood. Only that the situation got out of control. He stated that Notti confronted him at the train station with his friends. Then he revealed that he was outnumbered and the deceased attacked him with one piece of broomstick. In the process, Notti tried to run away but got stabbed instead.

Hearing these confessions, the law enforcement officers went to the crime scene to verify his claim. And indeed, they found two major pieces of evidence, a broomstick, and a knife, which corroborated the accused’s statements. In addition, there was a camera that captured everything that occurred on that day.

The Aftermath of His Death

Notti’s death was especially hard on his younger brother DD. Perhaps to let out his hidden sorrow, he posted the death of his brother on his social media page. DD poured out his grief and his inability to believe his brother was gone on his page. Additionally, his sibling released a new song with heartfelt lyrics. Not only him, but many friends and acquaintances of Notti also sent their condolences to Notti’s family. His fans weren’t left behind as they poured accolades for a young talent whose life was taken away from him.

Memorial Service

Notti’s family and friends held a candle night memorial to honor him. People who knew him attended, and those who couldn’t be sent their condolences. Everybody sent their tributes and had something nice to say about Notti. His loved ones fondly remembered the memories they shared with him. Some of his friends said they would always remember his beautiful smile. While some said, they can never forget the way he worked hard and dedicated himself to his passion.

The Life of Notti Osama

While we’ve discussed the events leading to Notti Osama death above, this article would be incomplete without mentioning his life.

Notti’s Profession

Before his death, the teenage Notti was a drill rapper. Drill rapping became more popular in the 21st century, mostly among the black community. It is a genre of music where drill rappers taunt their rivals or perceived rivals. This also includes those they have beef with or don’t get along with. This is what Notti did and this led law officers to believe that it might be the cause of Notti’s fight with his rival. According to them, it is not uncommon to see drill rappers beef with each other.

Notti’s Family

Notti had five siblings, which means that his parents had many kids. He left behind other extended family members like Lily Ortega, his cousin. His family members could hardly believe Notti is no more. Notti’s family described him as someone who loved his family. They further said he was a very loving, caring, and a happy soul. It was so sad to see his life cut short when his career was just taking off in the music industry.


Finally, Notti Osama death is a lesson for everybody that no matter how angry you are, reign in your anger. If you can’t control your anger, leave the situation before it escalates into something you can’t control. If Notti and his murderer had exercised restraint, perhaps he might have been alive now.