The Outstanding Reporter Finlo Clarkson Who is Jeremy Clarkson's Son

The Outstanding Reporter Finlo Clarkson Who is Jeremy Clarkson’s Son

Finlo Clarkson is journalist Jeremy Clarkson’s son. He is a renowned journalist with many years of experience under his belt. Finlo has made himself stand out with his outstanding performance as a media professional. Not only that, Finlo has collaborated with other notable journalists. Want to know more about Finlo? Read below.

Who is Finlo Clarkson?

Who is Finlo Clarkson?

Finlo Clarkson is a name that is synonymous with a British reporter known in the UK. He has established himself in the news reporting industry as someone who knows what he is doing. Born in 1997, the journalist is the only son of Jeremy Clarkson, who is also a journalist. His mother’s name is Frances Cain. The 26-year-old is a fan of rugby and loves to watch the sport.

His father, Jeremy, has three children from different women. Finlo is the middle child. He has an older sister and a younger sister.

Childhood and Educational History

  • Family

Finlo has two half-siblings, namely Katya and Emily, from his father’s side. He is the only child of his mother. He has one maternal grandfather, one paternal grandmother, and one grandfather. Finlo’s mother is Frances Cain, while his father is Jeremy Clarkson. He was once married and has two children. Other than the above-mentioned information, not much is known about Finlo’s extended family. Neither does he expose his private life and children to the media.

  • Educational History

Finlo is a British-born journalist with parents who are in the same field. Therefore, he was exposed to the job at an early age. When he was young, he used to follow his parents to their workplace.

For his primary and high school education, Finlo Clarkson attended primary and high school in the UK. Then he proceeded to go for his tertiary education in the same country. Finlo realized that he loves to write while in the university and decided to change his career path to journalism. This was how he started as a journalist.

Journalism career

Not long after discovering his passion, Finlo went to work for a London print media. He was the epitome of hard work and dedication. His dedication soon paid off, and he was given a promotion as editor at his new place of work. Finlo accepted his promotion with stride and led his writing team to greater heights. After a while, he left the print media firm to join a big journal-publishing company. All these added to the years of experience Finlo has in his portfolio. Currently, Finlo has worked as a journalist for nearly 10 years. His reputation as one of the best journalists came as a result of his hard work and dedication to his craft. As a result, he has won lots of awards to reward his many years of experience.

  • Reporting Skills

Finlo Clarkson is different because he has the skills to write any topic given to him. Additionally, his ability to report events in the media is top-notch. So, it is not surprising that Finlo caught the attention of big media firms. Notable big media houses he has worked with include The Independent, The Guardian, and The Times. He has also worked in various news departments such as arts, sports, politics, and so on.

  • Awards given

Finlo has been a recipient of many awards, and several organizations have also recognized him. For example, he has received the Polk Award for his war news coverage, the Orwell, and the British Press Prize. Not only that, he was nominated many times for the Pulitzer Prize for journalists. In addition, Finlo Clarkson has been recognized numerous times for the part he played in reporting climate change. In the world of journalism, Finlo Clarkson is a well-respected journalist that has paid his dues.

The net worth of Finlo

The net worth of Finlo

In 2023, it is estimated that Finlo Clarkson is worth over four million dollars. Part of his net worth includes his landed properties, various investments, savings, material, and immaterial things. Furthermore, his wealth also comes from his business ventures and other income generators. As he is worth millions, Finlo can be said to be a millionaire in the United Kingdom. It is interesting to note that while many sit back and relax once they become millionaires, Finlo didn’t. He continues to work hard and strive to build a good future for himself and his family.

Private life

Finlo is very private about his personal life and doesn’t talk about his immediate family members, including his children. Except for his basic information like his nationality, parents, siblings, number of kids, and grandparents, not much is public. Most details about Finlo are his works that are available on internet. He has also been featured on news segments, and these are part of Finlo’s videos you’ll find online. Hence, if you are looking for gossip news about Finlo, you won’t find it. You will only find his news articles, awards, recognitions, and other things related to his work.


Finally, Finlo Clarkson is unique and keeps to himself. One would expect a journalist of his caliber to have public social media accounts, but he doesn’t. Finlo doesn’t have any social media accounts that are known to the public. Till now, nobody has confirmed if he is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube. But if he is there, he’s certainly making sure the public is not privy to his personal social media accounts.