Selena Gomez Husband

Selena Gomez Husband – A Mystery or A Myth?

elena Gomez is a highly acclaimed and accomplished singer and actress, widely recognized and admired around the globe. Her music, films, and fashion sense have garnered her a massive following of devoted fans. But there is one aspect of her life that has always been a source of curiosity and speculation: her love life. Who is Selena Gomez’s husband? Does she even have one? And if not, why not?

In this article, we will explore the mystery and the myth of Selena Gomez’s husband. We will examine her past relationships, her present relationship status, and her opinions on marriage and spouses.

If you are a fan of Selena Gomez, or just curious about her personal life, you will find this article interesting and informative. So, let’s dive into the mystery and the myth of Selena Gomez’s husband!

Is Selena Gomez Dating Benny Blanco or Just Friends?

One of the most recent rumors about Selena Gomez ‘husband is that she is dating Benny Blanco, a famous music producer who has worked with artists like Ed Sheeran, Halsey, and Justin Bieber. The two have collaborated on Selena’s latest single, “Single Soon”, which is a catchy and upbeat song about being happy on your own.

But are they really just friends, or is there something more between them? Well, according to Selena herself, they are more than friends. In fact, they have been dating for six months!

Selena confirmed her relationship with Benny in a series of Instagram comments on December 7, 2023. She replied to a fan account that posted a picture of them together, saying “Facts”. She also wrote that Benny is “my absolute everything in my heart” and “the best thing that’s ever happened to me”. She even shared a selfie of them on her Instagram story, showing off their chemistry.


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Selena and Benny have been spotted together several times in New York City, where they have been working on new music. They have also been seen kissing and holding hands in public, proving that they are not shy about their romance.

How did they first meet and develop a romantic relationship? According to several accounts, they were introduced by mutual acquaintances in the music business and immediately hit it off. They have a lot in common, such as their passion for music, their sense of humor, and their love for animals. 

Selena has expressed that she and Benny mutually support each other’s professional pursuits and honor each other’s personal limits. She has praised Benny for treating her with exceptional care, stating that he brings her joy and boosts her self-assurance. She has also said that she is not looking for a husband right now, but that she is open to whatever the future holds.

So, it seems that Selena Gomez’s husband is not a mystery or a myth, but a reality. And his name might be Benny Blanco.

How Selena Gomez’s Views on Marriage and Husband 

Selena Gomez has always been vocal about her views on marriage and husband. In 2022, she revealed that she hoped to be married and to be a mom someday, but that she was not in a rush to find a partner. She also said that she wanted a husband who would treat her with kindness and respect, and that her love language was physical touch and acts of service.

These views on marriage and husband influenced her beauty line and album ‘Rare’, which she launched in 2020. The name ‘Rare’ came from her feeling of not being good enough for her past relationships, and her desire to embrace her uniqueness and self-worth. She said that she wanted to create a beauty line that celebrated diversity and individuality, and that she wanted to empower women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Her album ‘Rare also reflected her views on marriage and husband, as well as her journey of healing and self-love after her breakup with Justin Bieber. The album included tracks such as ‘Lose You to Love Me’, ‘Look at Her Now’, and ‘Rare’, which conveyed Selena Gomez’s feelings of heartache, frustration, understanding, and appreciation. She also sang about her hopes for finding a husband who would love her for who she is, and who would make her feel rare and special.

Selena Gomez’s views on marriage and husband have shaped her beauty line and album ‘Rare’, which are both expressions of her personal and professional growth. She has shown that she is not defined by her relationships but by her own identity and values. She has also shown that she is open to love, but that she is not looking for a husband right now, as she is happy and fulfilled on her own. 

Who Could Have Been Her Husband Among Her Ex-Boyfriends?

Selena Gomez has had a number of high-profile relationships in the past, but none of them ended up in marriage. However, some of her ex-boyfriends might have been potential candidates for her husband, if things had worked out differently. Here are some of the most notable ones

Justin Bieber

Perhaps the most famous and controversial of Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriends, Justin Bieber was her on-and-off partner for almost a decade. They first started dating in 2009, when they were both teenagers, and had a tumultuous relationship that involved multiple breakups, reconciliations, and scandals. They last got back together in 2017, after Selena’s kidney transplant, but broke up again in 2018, when Bieber quickly moved on to marry Hailey Baldwin. Despite their history, Selena and Justin have expressed their respect and love for each other, and have even collaborated on songs like “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean?”. Some fans still hope that they will reunite someday, but Selena has made it clear that she has moved on and is happy for him.

The Weeknd

Selena Gomez dated The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, for 10 months in 2017. They met at the Met Gala and hit it off right away. They were very public about their relationship, attending events, traveling, and posting on social media together. They even supported each other’s careers, with Selena appearing in his music video for “Party Monster” and The Weeknd featuring on her song “Wolves”. However, they broke up in October 2017, reportedly due to their busy schedules and conflicting priorities. They remained friends, though, and even liked each other’s posts after their breakup. The Weeknd later dated model Bella Hadid, whom he had previously dated before Selena, but they also split in 2019.


Selena Gomez had a brief fling with DJ and producer Zedd in 2015, after they worked together on her hit song “I Want You to Know”. They sparked romance rumors when they were seen holding hands and cuddling at various events, and even shared some cute photos on Instagram. However, they never confirmed their relationship, and it fizzled out after a few months. Zedd later revealed that dating Selena was not easy, as he had to deal with a lot of media attention and hate from her fans. He said that it was “nice to date someone who understands the industry”, but that it was also “very stressful” and “not real life”.

Nick Jonas 

Selena Gomez dated Nick Jonas, one of the Jonas Brothers, in 2008, when they were both Disney stars. They met at a charity event and had a “puppy love” relationship that lasted for a few months. They tried to keep their romance low-key, but they were spotted kissing and going on dates. They also appeared in each other’s projects, such as Selena’s cameo in the Jonas Brothers’ music video for “Burnin’ Up” and Nick’s guest role on “Wizards of Waverly Place”. They broke up in 2009, but remained friends. They even joked about their past relationship in 2018, when Nick admitted that he had a crush on Selena during a lie detector test

Bottom Line

Selena Gomez is a rare and beautiful person who has inspired millions of people with her music, movies, and style. She has also shown us that she is not afraid to love and be loved, and that she is happy with or without a husband. Selena Gomez husband may be a mystery or a myth to some, but to her, he is simply the person who makes her feel rare.


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