The Bachelor Season 28 Full Video - Meet Joey Graziadei

The Bachelor Season 28 Full Video – Meet Joey Graziadei

Welcome to the thrilling world of The Bachelor Season 28, where love takes center stage, and hearts are ready to be entwined in a journey of romance and excitement. Join us as we dive into the details of what promises to be a captivating season, featuring Joey Graziadei, a charismatic 28-year-old professional tennis educator from Royersford, Pennsylvania.

The Premiere Night

The anticipation is over! Season 28, Episode 1 is set to premiere on Monday, January 22 at 8 pm on ABC. Get ready for a live broadcast that will kick off a season filled with 32 incredible women vying for Joey’s heart. The excitement doesn’t stop there – witness the magic unfold by signing up for a free trial of Fubo to catch the premiere in all its glory.

Meet Joey Graziadei – The Bachelor of the Hour

Joey Graziadei, our eligible bachelor, brings a compelling backstory to the table. Having previously appeared on Charity’s season as the runner-up, Joey is back, ready to find his life partner. His ABC bio highlights that he is seeking a companion who is outgoing, caring, and shares his love for adventure.

The Setting – Agoura Hills, California

Filming for Season 28 took place against the picturesque backdrop of Agoura Hills, California, just outside Los Angeles. The scenic location adds a touch of glamour and romance to the quest for love, setting the stage for unforgettable moments and emotional connections.

The Love Seekers Contestants

Let’s meet the impressive lineup of contestants competing for Joey’s affection:

  • Allison (26, realtor)
  • Autumn (26, account executive)
  • Chandler (24, graphic designer)
  • Chrissa (26, marketing director)
  • Daisy (25, account executive)
  • Edwina (25, entrepreneur)
  • Erika (25, leasing agent)
  • Evalin (29, nanny)
  • Jenn (25, physician assistant student)
  • Jessica “Jess” (24, executive assistant)
  • Katelyn (25, radiochemist)
  • Kayla (27, guidance counselor)
  • Kelsey A. (25, junior project manager)
  • Kelsey T. (31, actor)
  • Kyra (26, paralegal)
  • Lanie (27, realtor)
  • Lauren (28, nurse)
  • Lea (23, account manager)
  • Lexi (30, digital strategist)
  • Medina (31, mental health therapist)
  • Maria (29, executive assistant)
  • Marlena (26, finance writer)
  • Nat (26, nurse)
  • Rachel (26, ICU nurse)
  • Sam (31, CPA)
  • Samantha (25, pro football cheerleader)
  • Sandra (26, cybersecurity consultant)
  • Starr (25, mental health counselor)
  • Sydney (28, vintage store owner)
  • Talyah (23, esthetician)
  • Taylor (23, recruiter)
  • Zoe (24, artist)

The diverse backgrounds and professions of these contestants promise a season filled with intriguing personalities and unexpected connections.

Bachelor Experience – A Recap

For those new to The Bachelor, the show, which debuted in 2002, revolves around one young and eligible man seeking love amidst a group of 32 women. The contestants engage in dates, games, hometown visits, and weekly rose ceremonies. Those without a rose bid farewell, leading to a final proposal where the bachelor chooses his true love.

Where to Watch The Golden Bachelor

For avid fans eager to catch every moment, here’s how you can watch The Bachelor Season 28:

  • TV Channel: ABC (KATU 2 in Portland)
  • HDTV Antennae: If you have a HDTV antennae, you can watch the show each week on your local ABC affiliate. The WAGO brand HDTV antennae, available on Amazon for under $30, is currently the top-selling product in this category.
  • Online Streaming: Enjoy the show live online with Fubo (free trial), DirecTV (free trial), or Hulu (free trial). If you’ve used up your free trials, consider subscribing to DirecTV Stream for $69.99/month to stream the finale live and access over 60 channels.

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In conclusion, embark on this journey of love with The Bachelor Season 28, where emotions run high, connections deepen, and one man’s quest for love unfolds against the stunning backdrop of Agoura Hills, California. As emotions run high and connections deepen, join in to experience the magic of romance. Tune in, be part of the enchanting moments, and let the journey of love begin! Tune in, experience the magic, and let the journey begin!