Avant-Garde Fashion

All You Need To Know About Avant-Garde Fashion

The trendsetters, a forward-looking movement, breaking out of the norms on a journey to the discovery of uniqueness and originality. When it comes to art, music, Literature, film, music, and also fashion, there will always be one transcending out of the ordinary to extraordinary, moving off the trends to uniqueness, from mere clothing to work of art. So, how well do you know this fashion movement? Avant-garde is a French word that means “advance guard” or ” vanguard”. While avant-guard literally means being ahead of the curve, avant-guard fashion is more than just being the “first”. It’s different in its entirety and it transcends to art, extreme individualism, cultural movement, and immunity to fashion trends.

Avant-garde fashion is breaking out of the boundaries and confines of societal standards. it is anything entirely different from the norms. Originators of avant-garde believe fashion should be about you with an in-depth personal relationship and perception in styling rather than just mere clothing. Tates and styles are subjective and only the wearers can decipher what fashion means to them. That is why the looks and styles can be difficult to fathom for common people. Sometimes, unbelievable and far beyond expectations or imagination. That is why it is arguably one of the most innovative, and adventurous fashion types.

What Constitutes Avant-garde Fashion 

What exactly makes up Avant-garde fashion? Here are the aesthetics to look for:

Volume: the typical fashion norm says a voluminous top should be paired with well- a fitted skirt. But with Avant-garde, you can be voluminous from top to bottom and still be good. Who cares whether anyone feels like you look like an umbrella is being hanged on the neck? There are overly long dresses, cuffed hems, exaggerated pleats and ruffles, layers, and layers of fabric, oversized coats, and jackets. It doesn’t have to be fitting, it’s all about art and making a statement.

Sculptural clothing: the clothing ls are sculptural with emphasis on the body as sculpture rather than flattering the body. It sometimes breaks out of what’s woman silhouette and concealing of the body. It is extraordinary, extravagant, and extreme.

Texture: there is a lot of mixes and match to add volumes and make statements. But designers don’t just mix and match, it’s done in a creative, unusual way. Play around with textures whether cotton, linen, leather clothes, lace, and more.

Monochrome: monochrome has become a thing in the fashion world, thanks to avant-garde fashion. The fashion follows strict color combos as it gives them room to combine textures and cuts without compromising the unison. If it’s not black, then it’s white, grey, off-white, or beige. While monochromatic is the heart of fashion, one can still experiment with other bold colors to display color-mixing skills.

Layering: This is the ultimate and best way to achieve an avant-garde look without stress. There can be a figure-hugging garment that serves as the scriptural base, then other layers, draping, or fabric can be added for dramatic effect.

Leather shoes: The love for leather footwear is another thing that makes avant-garde fashion lovers stand out. Aside that, the shoes always express creativity, defying functionality and bizarre details. Designers play around with different techniques, materials, and styles while putting their imagination to work.

The Journey to Avant-Garde Styling

Avant-garde styling is not for the weak and you must be ready to defy the norms and go all out to express “you” and what you wish to convey with your dressing. Ready to kick-start your journey in avant-garde fashion? These are expert tips to make the journey a smooth sail ride:

Get inspired: there are gurus in an avant-garde fashion that can serve as your source of inspiration and pick out elements you can incorporate. There are fashion icons who have built their personal styles over the years.

Go with your mood: before getting started, understand your mood and what you want to portray with your style.

Tell a story: avant-garde isn’t about fashion but about what you need to convey through your looks. That is why it has to be dramatic and artistic with each element telling a story about you.

 Layering: learn how to layer different textures and prints. While layering, put your combination skills to good use but avoid contrasting materials that might not sit well.

Start simple: you can start with essential pieces that might even be in your wardrobe. These can be cardigans, monochromatic shirts, trench coats, and more.

Accessories: some accessories can spice up your look and make you stand out. This could be big multicolored bags, big necklaces, chunky shoes, and anything else that speaks bold and unbothered.

The Avant-Garde Designers

These are fashion icons who are innovatively bringing out ground-breaking designs that surpass the norms. Their styles might have never been worn or seen before and it’s all out of the fashion books and conventional fashion rules. Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, Viktor and Rolf, Thierry Mugler, Guo Pei, and Manish Arora,(to name a few) are trendsetters revolutionising the fashion industry. They are combining creativity, science and technology, and personality to produce a unique work of art.

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