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5 Ways to Save When Buying T-Shirts in Bulk

Whether you are launching your very own shirt brand, buying tees to equip a team, or looking for a way to fill the entire family’s closet, purchasing t-shirts in bulk is a great option. Buying wholesale t-shirts is way more cost-effective than paying the sky-rocketing retail prices these days. It enables you to buy dozens of items at a fraction of the cost. When you buy t-shirts in bulk, you get the luxury to select from a wide range of colors, styles and even manufacturers. You also have the ease of selecting whichever sizes you want. While having a number of options is always great, this may seem quite overwhelming to a noob who is buying in bulk for the first time. Of course getting the right colors, styles, and sizes are imperative, but you should always want to secure the best possible offer for yourself. The good news is that the whole process is quite easy. Here are 5 ways to save money when bulk buying wholesale t-shirts.


Before placing an order, you need to come up with an estimate of the number of shirts you require. This is basically important for two reasons.

  1. Purchasing too many will result in wasting a lot of money.
  2. Once you have an estimated idea in mind, you can look for the best possible deals. Figuring out the number of pieces you may require is quite simple when you are purchasing for your family or an institution where you have limited number of people. It’s quite difficult, though, if you are bulk buying to start a business. Let’s say if you’re an individual who lives in Los Angeles, California. Before ordering from the wholesalers of t-shirts in Los Angeles, you should carefully consider your target audience and conduct some detailed market research to gain a proper understanding of what items you should be stocking on.


For an accurate count of how many shirts may require, send out a survey form. Making sure that this form includes all the options that you plan to offer, such as sizes, colors, and styles are imperative. Distribute the survey forms out to everyone you know and might buy from you and mention a deadline date. Once all of the forms are filled and returned, tabulate them up to forecast what your requirements may be. It’s better to play it safe and order a few extras as well. You should pay attention to the most common sizes and styles selected on the survey and order a few extras of them. When you are ordering for a team or an organization, purchasing extras is a wise choice as accidents may occur and the shirt might get ruined. Instead of running around and finding a new one on short notice, it is better to already have one from before.


When wanting to avail of the best possible offers on the t-shirts you want, selecting a vendor who is a known expert in high volume orders can be fruitful. Such vendors offer better deals because they are set up to sell in large quantities. Selecting a vendor who has a website that is set up for bulk orders makes the ordering procedure extremely manageable. Instead of having to go through several different products separately, you may simply go to the page for the style and add all the colors and sizes, according to your own requirements. If, for example, you live in L.A. You would simply lookup for the top wholesalers of t-shirts in Los Angeles. You would visit their website and go to the product that you desire. Enter the quantity of the colors and sizes you require and advance to the checkout. This is a much more easy and efficient method of shopping for large quantities.


When purchasing online, an individual should not only be concerned about the basic cost of the t-shirts. It’s vital to keep an eye out and pay close attention to the shipping and handling charges. Many vendors may propose prices that may seem fantastic at first, only to be gutted and disappointed when you reach the shipping page. The top merchants of wholesale t-shirts are the ones who offer shipping and handling free of cost. This can enable the consumer to save a large sum of money while ensuring that there won’t be any nasty surprises when you reach the checkout.


Usually, t-shirt wholesalers that don’t have great policies that may end up costing a ton of money. If a seller does not accept returns, you could wound up getting stuck with shirts that are of no use to you. To get your required t-shirts, you would then have to reorder them; this would lead to additional costs. When examining the return policies, be sure to find out whether or not the seller charges a restocking fee. If they do,  it may cost you additional money as well. If you want to receive your t-shirts at a specified time, pay special attention to the shipping policies. Some sellers offer meager prices by using overseas warehouses to get the goods shipped. Unfortunately, this may take a month or even more than that for your order to arrive at you. While you would be saving some money upfront through low shipping charges, you may find yourself having to place another order with a different seller if your goods do not show up in time thus, in reality, you would be spending more. Good policies are essential anytime you order anything online. You should always pay close attention to the company’s policies or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page before placing an order to make sure that you won’t end up having to spend extra money to a business that isn’t concerned about its customers.


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