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Know about Qualities of Botox Specialist before taking his Services

The first thing to do when you want to revive your face with Botox or for any other application (such as to treat hyperhidrosis for example), is to choose the right doctor. All specialists agree that medico-aesthetic treatments must be performed by a doctor. In order to assure you of the skills and qualifications of the person who will apply the treatment is from you in a health center or in a licensed aesthetic medicine clinic. A doctor becomes a plastic surgeon after 6 years of study in general medicine, 5 years of specialization then 3 years for training in aesthetic surgery (complementary specialty). During this training, the practitioner will be trained in several surgical areas, except aesthetics. If you looking for the best specialist then visit Jarret Morrow Clinic.

Dermatology and Botox

Among the professionals of cosmetic surgery, there are dermatologists who are particularly involved since the two domains, dermatology, and aesthetics, are closely related. In addition, the training course in dermatology includes a section dedicated to cosmetic surgery.

  • A tendency to specialization

    In the field of medicine, there is already a tendency towards specialization. While dermatologists focus on aesthetic treatments related to skincare, vascular surgeons will focus more on the aesthetic treatment of varicose veins.

  • VS aesthetic center aesthetic medical center

    As said before, the best way to ensure that you are in the hands of qualified specialists is to go to a center specializing in aesthetic medicine and not in an aesthetic center. Although often confused, the two terms do not refer to the same institutions at all.

    In an aesthetic center, you can receive simple treatments: waxing, facial cleansing, etc. In aesthetic medical centers, you can receive more complex treatments but also more persistent: injection of Botox, laser hair removal…

  • The importance of the doctor in the aesthetic treatment

    Botox treatment in Edmonton involves a direct action on the skin. If properly applied, these treatments do not cause side effects or unsatisfactory results. Indeed, the specialist is required to always use quality products and knows the dosages to apply to each patient. In addition, in case of problems during or after the treatment, he must be able to offer you effective solutions to remedy it. Especially if, in case of problems during treatment or if the doctor has not respected the standards in force, he will be responsible for professional negligence.

    You should also keep in mind that any doctor has insurance covering civil liability, covering the damage that could be caused to their patients. This insurance will allow you to receive financial compensation in case of problems during the intervention.

  • The importance of patient information

    Injecting Botox is not a persistent or complicated treatment in itself, but it is not a question of addressing the first comer. For that, you will need to make sure that you are in the hands of a qualified professional by getting as much information as possible. In addition to visiting an approved aesthetic medical center, it is important to talk to the specialist directly. A serious professional will answer you without any hesitation, whatever your question may be and can clearly explain the benefits and risks of each treatment. A good professional will not only perform the treatment the best way but will also give you the best guidance to achieve a result that meets your expectations. It is essential to follow all the precautions and care instructions given by the specialist so that the results are optimal.

  • Prevention is better than cure

    Putting yourself in the hands of aesthetic medicine specialists is the best way to minimize the risks when injecting Botox. Because, even if it is a simple intervention, it requires to be performed by qualified professionals with deep knowledge of the body and the product injected. When you decide to experience cosmetic surgery, the quality and guarantee of a safe treatment should be awarded on the economic criteria.


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