Which jackets do world celebrities prefer

Outerwear plays an important role in the fashion world, and celebrities often set trends by choosing jacket models for their wardrobe. This article is intended for those who want to understand in more detail the preferences of world stars and their influence on the fashion industry.

Current styles of jackets from world celebrities

Bombers on the red carpet

Bomber jackets, which were originally part of military equipment, are now in demand on the red carpet and in the everyday life of world celebrities. Their versatility and comfort make them a popular choice for casual looks for both men and women.

Celebrity Biker Style Leather Jackets

Leather jackets do not lose their relevance and are often present in the wardrobe of stars. The “biker” style is especially preferred by celebrities who want to emphasize their rebellious nature and independence.

Materials and finishing

Eco-leather and vegetarianism in fashion

Modern fashion trends reflect respect for nature, and therefore the choice of many stars falls on eco-leather. This material not only looks in no way inferior to natural leather but also confirms a responsible attitude towards the environment.

Unique decorative elements and handmade work

Celebrity jackets are often decorated with handcrafted elements and unique decorations. This can be embroidery, beading, original patches, and other elements that make the clothes truly exclusive.

Color palette and prints: celebrity choice

Classic versus neon shades

Despite experiments with bright and neon shades, the classic denim color, black, white and pastel colors remain unrivaled. They can be easily combined with other wardrobe items and are suitable for various events.

Authentic prints make a statement

Prints and designs on celebrity jackets often express their personality and worldview. This could be graphics with political overtones, original drawings, or symbols expressing personal beliefs and tastes.

How to Find Out What a Celebrity Is Wearing: Useful Tools

Street style analysis via social media

Social media is an important source of information about celebrity fashion and style. Fans and stylists analyze celebrities’ street-style photos to find out what brands and styles of jackets they choose.

Applications and services for brand recognition

Some specialized applications and services allow you to determine the brand and model of clothing from a photograph. They help you quickly find analogues of clothes worn by celebrities.

The influence of stars on consumer preferences

Cases of celebrity collaborations with brands

When celebrities collaborate with clothing brands, it results in the creation of exclusive collections. Such collaborations increase consumer interest and draw attention to certain jacket models.

Effects of Fans’ Attitudes on Idols’ Fashion Preferences

The clothing choices of stars have a significant impact on the fashion preferences of their fans. It has been observed that the popularity of a particular jacket among celebrities often leads to an increase in its sales among ordinary buyers.

Practical tips for choosing a celebrity-inspired jacket

How to adapt star trends to your wardrobe

To embody the style of a star in your wardrobe, you need to focus on the current models and colors that the celebrity wears. Try starting with basic pieces, like a jacket in a neutral color, and add accessories to make the look unique.

what down jackets do fashionable celebrities choose?

Celebrity beauties use down jackets not only to protect against the cold but also to create a stylish look.

Celebrities always inspire us with their stylish and bold looks. In the cold season, many of them, like us, prefer to wear warm-down jackets. By their example, they prove that even the usual voluminous jackets can look feminine and impressive. Let’s see which down jackets are chosen by famous fashionistas and what they are combined with.

Emily Ratajkowski – short down jacket

Emrata supports the massive love for total black during the colder months and pairs a short black down jacket with matching black sweatpants. A large bag in a rich red color helps the star make his look more edgy – two trends in one! A versatile short-down jacket paired with a bright accessory is the perfect example of a stylish and practical look for the winter!

Irina Shayk – giant down jacket

This outfit embodied two passions of the Russian supermodel – volume and layering. Shayk boldly adds a voluminous hoodie and a color-matched turtleneck to the giant puffy down jacket-robe. Sunglasses, leather gloves and straight trousers tucked into tight-fitting tabi boots are details that make the look original and attractive.

Bella Hadid – leather down jacket

Another way to make an image more stylish and vibrant is shown by Bella Hadid. Of course, in the model’s outfit, it is not only the leather down jacket that attracts attention but also other “complex” elements, such as a colorful knitted suit, velvet gloves, and flashy accessories. However, I must admit, without a leather down jacket with lapels, this image would not be as impressive and memorable.

Kendall Jenner – cropped down jacket

Cropped items do not lose their popularity, so it is not surprising that even down jackets are acquiring the “crop” prefix. Naturally, you won’t be able to wear such a jacket in severe frost, but if in the winter there is still a day with above-zero temperatures, then be sure to follow the example of Kendall Jenner and amaze those around you with your trendy look with a shortened down jacket.

Chiara Ferragni – sporty down jacket

Sports down jackets are distinguished by a straight cut, modest logomania, and moderate accents in the form of zippers and pockets. With such jackets, it is especially good to create contrasting looks, as the Italian Chiara Ferragni does. The fashion blogger pairs an oversized sporty down jacket with a smart jumpsuit, chunky evening jewelry and a small handbag for a chic way to style!

Brands and stores where you can find analogs

You can find analogs of jackets worn by celebrities in well-known stores and in stores that offer a wide selection of outerwear. In particular, there are winter jacket stores in St. Petersburg , where you can find stylish and high-quality models. For example, store offers an assortment that will allow everyone to choose the right model, inspired by star images.


World celebrities often become those who set fashion trends, including in the choice of outerwear. By analyzing their preferences, we can predict the future of fashion and make an informed choice in favor of jackets that will be relevant shortly.


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