High Tea Outfits
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High Tea Outfits – What to Wear for a Stylish and Sophisticated Look

Are you going to a high tea event but don’t know what to wear? No worries! We’re here to help you dress your best. In this guide, we’ll explain the dress code for high tea, give you outfit suggestions, and tell you what not to wear. Whether it’s a fancy occasion or a more casual tea, we’ve got the perfect looks for you. Let’s dive into the world of high tea outfits and find your ideal ensemble.

What is High Tea?

High tea is a light meal that is typically eaten in the afternoon. It’s a British tradition and is usually enjoyed as a break from work or on special occasions. In the past, high tea was eaten in the evening by the working class, but nowadays it is often used interchangeably with afternoon tea.

When you’re invited to the “tea” part of high tea, you’ll be part of a more formal event or party. You can expect to enjoy small sandwiches and finger foods, which are delicious and easy to eat. Champagne may also be served alongside the tea, adding a touch of elegance to the experience.

Styling High Tea Outfits: Tips for a Perfect Ensemble

The Fabrics

For any occasion, wear fabrics that are light and comfortable. Suitable materials include linen, cotton, silk, and chiffon. Avoid fabrics that are bulky or rigid as they can be uncomfortable and restrict movement.

The Colours & Prints

Choose softer colours or pastels if you want a traditional look – think blues, mauves and pinks. If you prefer something more contemporary then try vibrant yellows, oranges and limes against neutral backgrounds such as black & white checks or stripes. However, if your dress code specifically states ‘black tie’ then opt for darker shades such as black/navy/grey with subtle flashes of colour added through accessories (e.g., shoes/scarves). 

The Length & Fit 

Knee length skirts are an incredibly versatile option – pair with a blouse/top tailored shirt for evening events; alternatively team with a brightly coloured cardigan/blazer during daytime outings. For trousers choose slim-fit straight leg designs in neutral hues such as navy blue – never too tight otherwise you may restrict movement when sitting at tables!  

Accessories & Shoes

When it comes to accessorizing your look avoid anything too garish (overly large statement jewellery pieces etc.) instead accentuate with muted shades like silver, gold rose-gold etc again adding flashes of brighter colour underneath layers if desired (e.g., earrings). As far as shoes go, heeled pumps should do the job nicely balancing both comfort & style points.

Great Ideas for High Tea Outfits

Classic Black Dress

The classic black dress is an absolutely timeless look for High Tea Outfits. For any occasion, a black dress is an elegant and appropriate choice. For a more formal look, opt for a midi or maxi length, and accessorize with timeless pieces like pearls, a statement necklace, or a hat. 

For a more relaxed vibe, pair your black dress with flat sandals or ankle boots and cosy cardigans.With the right accessories, the classic black dress is sure to make you look stylish and chic at any high tea occasion.

Silk Blouse with Midi Skirt

For a timeless High Tea Outfits Look, you can’t go wrong with a classic silk blouse and midi skirt combination. This combination is both stylish and sophisticated, giving you a polished look that’s perfect for the occasion. For a dressier event, opt for a lightweight silk blouse in a solid color or with elegant detailing like ruffles or bows. To complete the look, add a midi skirt in an eye-catching print or texture, such as velvet or brocade. 

If you want to add an extra touch of elegance, accessorize with pearls or diamond earrings. Whether you’re attending a formal high tea event or simply looking to dress up for an afternoon of casual conversation over tea, this look is sure to make you feel confident and chic.

Lace Dress

Lace dresses are a timeless option for any high tea occasion. They create a sophisticated and stylish look that will make you stand out. For formal events, pair the dress with a blazer in complementary colors and nude pumps or flats. 

To complete the look, add classic pearl jewelry – necklace and earrings. With this ensemble, you’ll be sure to make an impression at any high tea event!

The Polka Dot Dress

The polka dot dress is a timeless look that never goes out of style. It’s the perfect choice for a high tea event because it’s both stylish and sophisticated. Whether you prefer a classic black and white or something more colorful, this look will have you feeling your best. 

Pair it with some statement jewelry and a pair of heels for an elegant ensemble that will turn heads. For a more casual version, opt for a polka dot midi dress with some simple flats or sandals – either way, you’ll be sure to make an impression and look amazing!

Bottom Line

When it comes to high tea outfits, it’s all about finding a look that is stylish, sophisticated, and comfortable. Whether you opt for a classic black dress, a silk blouse with a midi skirt, a lace dress, or a polka dot dress, accessorize appropriately and you’ll be ready to make a statement at any high tea event.


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