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15 Latest Nail Polish Trends in New York 2019 – 2020

Sprucing up your nails is one of the most prosperous, most provocative ways to play with your beauty look. The most typical maneuvering for choosing a nail color is to fall backward on whatever seems the most seasonally suitable. Due to lots of changing trends, this year you would be perplexed, sitting in front of the mirror speculating about which nail shade will suit you the best. But don’t panic here in this blog, PRITI NYC – manufacturers of high-quality nail polish and nail treatments will explore 20 latest nail polish trends of 2019 – 20. These new nail paints will be lacquers perfect for your new looks.

Trend #1: White Out

White nails are transcendent for highlighting your springtime and summertime luminosity and constantly look super refreshing and cleaned. White nail paints stand out without catching any attention away from your outfit or colliding with it. For ultimate effect make sure your white polish is pretty drenched and opaque.

Trend #2: Dark Gray

If you can’t commit to the intensity of black nail polish or like the starkness of white nail polish, then this creamy dark gray shade is for you. Two coats give your nails a pensive vibe that will absolutely complement all of your leather jacker lewks.

Trend #3: Lemon Yellow

In the season of summer, it is more satisfying to go more intrepid with your color preferences externally going too far outside of your relaxation zone. Lemon yellow is surprisingly embellishing on all skin tones and is in new nail polish trends. This bright color will help to lighten your day and is in trend nowadays.

Trend #4: Purple Frostbite

According to PRITI NYC – a frosty purple will look fabulous if you want to fit in with the cold, fragile environment of winter. Certain dark to light inclination nails are the absolute variation of the more popular, pink to white nails. You could even add a concise silver or gold glitter on the top to make your nails cooler.

Trend #5: Sand

The whispery tone of sand is probably the most surprisingly gleaming nail color in this list. Don’t let the beige appearance fool you, this is one nude not to be neglected this fall. Whether you have enamel hands, or tan or olive skin, sand color delivers an iconic flattering look to everybody.

Trend #6: Nude and Silver

These nails are so charming and sumptuous. If you ordinarily tend to go for a simplistic naked nail, you can extend this trend over winter. Simply spray a bit of holiday spirit on top and make them sparkle. In fact, paint one nail entirely silver and frost the other for a more expensive finish.

Trend #7: Cornflower Blue

Draw out a peaceful blue that resembles good year-round. Cornflower blue shades like this one are effortlessly chic, and might just give your standard red manicure a run for its money.

Trend #8: Dusty Peach

Match your glamour look to the mild summer days with an attractive polish that helps turn up the heat. This shade is eye-catching without implying too tense.

Trend #9: Cinnamon Caramel

Lengthy gone are the days where naked glaze rigorously indicates pairing it to your skin tone. This elegant indeterminate compliments each skin tone and will go with everything you own. This nail paint is also known as one of the new trendy neutral nail polish.

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Trend #10: Red Holiday Nails

Red is another standard holiday season color that’s fun to play with. And who said you can’t rock it after Christmas? You can make deep reds a slight more attractive by combining silver or white to the nails for a bit more detail.

Trend #11: Neon Glow

Radiant colors are constantly immense for springtime, but this time around, they’re even more vivacious. Whether you prefer to flash your neon as a complete manicure, nail art, or a fun accent nail, your bold look is assured to stand out. The new nail polish trends are neon green and neon orange.

Trend #12: Lovely Lilac

In general, pastel tones being a huge hit this spring-like blues, yellows, pinks, and lilac. Lilac is the absolute purple that furnishes off a soft and lighthearted look without being as terrifying and formal looking like a deeper plum shade.

Trend #13: Glossy Navy

According to PRITI NYC – if you haven’t yet arrived on your comprehensive navy polish, this shiny sapphire is the one you lack. The navy color fashion is about to hit a fever pitch, and this burnish can make a prophet out of anyone who won’t put away the sheer pink.

Trend #14: Teal Green

Mint green? Been there. Navy blue? Done that. This deep teal is a welcome breath of fresh air for fall and still nails that nautical color scheme.

Trend #15: Muted Pink

Pink is one of the most loved nail shade nowadays. Any type of nail shape works with this color tone, but make sure your nail edges are smooth and that the cuticle is buffed clean before applying polish.

According to PRITI NYC – manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of nail polish these were the 15 new nail polish trends. For information regarding more shades and trends one can check their official website.


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