Signet Rings

Signet Rings Yesterday, And Today – A Symbolic Accessory

A long time ago, men and women of power adorned signet rings on their fingers to signify authority, riches, and personality. Historically, most descendants inherited their signet rings as heirlooms.

Hence, in those days, you can identify which household an individual belongs to by their rings. The signet ring has existed for centuries.

Not only are they for identification, but they can used to communicate. Additionally, people wore them as fashionable jewelry. So, how do you differentiate a signet ring from a normal one?

Purpose of Signet Rings

A signet ring signifies a lot of things, as stated earlier. For example, exclusive clubs or organizations issue special signet rings to their members. Once members see another person with this ring which has similar designs, they automatically assume they’re from the same club.

In simple terms, signet rings are initially jewelry that anybody can wear. It is sometimes identifiable to people of similar origins. Furthermore, they were symbols of prestige in the olden days, whereas they are simply seen as vintage rings nowadays.

The Eras of Signet Rings

In Ancient Days

Years ago, kings, royal families, aristocrats, or those in political positions used the rings as seals to stamp correspondence. These people put their signatures or symbols inside wax, ink, and so on, on the ring’s facial surface. When they stamped the documents, there would be marks on them, as if they signed it. In those days, such stamps were more official and had more authority than a signature.

Signet Rings In Modern Era

Modernization has changed several things, including how we keep and verify important documents. As a result, nobody uses a signet ring to authenticate and safeguard documents. Nevertheless, it is still commonly worn among men and women today. Some even inherited their rings from their ancestors or great-grand-parents. Moreover, as a new generation, you can start a tradition of passing down your ring to your descendants.

Differences Between Signet And Normal Rings

The differences lie in the engraved or raised images, because signet rings usually have them. Sometimes, they have strings of alphabets, words, or symbols. The engravings are at the top of the rings, are clearly visible, and they represent the owners one way or the other.

In addition, some rings have crests or insignias, organization’s name, positions, professional title, initials, and names. These engraved characters are uniquely made for the wearer. On the other hand, normal hands are devoid of the inscriptions normally found in signet rings.

Wearing And Pairing Tips

Different traditions, localities, and time periods have worn signet rings for various reasons. Hence, the rules that govern wearing them greatly differ. For instance, the wearing style in 1800 might be outdated in 1900. All in all, it’s your choice to pick how you wish to adorn the ring. However, the following suggestions might be helpful to you.

Arranging the ring on the fingers

Before, individuals wore signet rings on their tallest or pointer fingers. They wanted to expose the seal which is situated on the ring’s face. The facial surface is normally extra large, making it ideal for the middle finger or pointer finger.

But now, the ring makers have reduced the size, especially the face. Therefore, the wearer can put them on their smallest or ring fingers, but it depends on the regional or traditional values.

Pairing it with other rings

You will look good with a signet and two additional rings. For example, there is nothing wrong with pairing signet rings with college rings. If you own other rings too, you may join them with the signet ring. Just balance them by distributing them to make them visually appealing on your hands.

An example is if you have a normal ring on your right hand’s longest finger. You may then put the ring on the shortest left one. Additionally, for those who love many rings, you can also add extra rings.

Combining Signet Rings With More Accessories

Accessories like wristwatches, bangles, bracelets look good with signet rings. You may adorn a signet ring on your right hand’s shortest finger, while a bracelet or watch goes to the left wrist. This creates a beautiful balance whenever you flash your hands. Similarly, you can select shoes and bags that match your finger rings.

Avoid Clutter

To avoid clutter if you’re using more than two rings with accessories, follow this guide. Wear your watch on the left wrist, put one ring on the finger of that wrist. Then wear two rings on the opposite hand, and vice versa. This will prevent your hands from looking tacky, tasteless, and busy.


In summary, a signet ring is a symbol of belonging, identity, fashion, and so on. The meaning behind each ring is based on the intention of the wearer. Of course, others with similar rings can also comprehend its meaning.

Furthermore, the design, shape, and inscriptions depend on lots of factors which only the wearer can understand. So, if you have anyone who wears a signet ring that has engravings you don’t understand, politely ask, rather than assume.


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