Summer Dress Shoes

What Shoes to Wear With a Summer Dress?

Summer dresses are the one garment that makes life so much easier in summer. With them, being dressy and stylish during the hot days is an effortless task. However, to achieve the right look for your various activities, whether casual or formal, it’s crucial to pair the dress with the right shoes.

This ultimate guide will explore a range of awesome shoe options to ensure your summer dress outfit matches your style and the occasion.

Let’s step in.

9 Types of Shoes to Make Your Summer Shine!

Summer Wedges

We begin our journey with wedges, as we discovered that there isn’t a summer dress out there that doesn’t benefit from the chic elegance these comfy shoes offer. Wedges are the perfect blend of style and comfort, and perhaps most importantly, they provide a precious height boost!

They might not suit a formal event but are ideal for an evening cocktail, a brunch, or for adding a unique chic to a more casual outfit. Moreover, wedges are designed to uplift the back of your foot and create an illusion of longer legs when paired with your dress.

Whether your summer dress is short or long, loose or fitted, whether it’s made of jeans, cotton, viscose, linen, or lycra, and regardless of whether it’s plain, floral, or printed with the ever-beautiful polka-dots, it’s bound to pair beautifully with wedges.

Strappy Sandals

The Greek goddesses were among the first to adorn their feet with strappy sandals, a style that has evolved tremendously over the centuries. Strappy sandals elegantly encircle the foot and ankle and make the legs look graceful and longer. They strike a perfect balance of minimalist elegance and details.

Strappy sandals are remarkably versatile, you can find them in so many variations, from comfy casual flats to kitten heels to the finest heels with the thinnest straps, for a top-notch outfit. They will seamlessly pair with a summer dress to create the perfect casual flair with a refined touch of sophistication.

Wear them with a flowing maxi dress or a stylish mini, and enjoy the graceful feminine chic these beauties bring.

Colorful Sandals

The sheer joy of summer outfits often lies in colors. With the need for light and comfy garments and accessories, minimalism tends to prevail, yet this is where colors step in to inject a refreshing statement.

When pairing a summer dress with bold-colored sandals you instantly elevate your summer look. From delicate light pink flats to extreme platforms in shocking green, colorful sandals work wonders to ensure you feel nothing short of fabulous.

Ballet Flats

Are you in search of that one pair of shoes that will make you feel appropriately dressed for any occasion? Well, it’s time to talk about women’s ballet flats.

These beauties offer a blend of softness, elegance, and comfort. They impact your posture and gestures, enhance your mood, and naturally reflect these qualities in your appearance.

They come in a few classic styles: plain, with a delicate ribbon detail, single-strapped, or double-strapped, and they always add effortless style to your look.

Ballet flats complement a variety of summer dress styles and are suitable for many dress codes. Pair your ballet flats with a short linen dress to achieve light touristic style, wear them with your dress and a jacket to add a sophisticated touch to your outfit, or with a floral wide dress for a timeless romantic chic.

If you’re concerned about looking too short, try nude ballet flats. They can create an optical illusion that elongates your silhouette!

Woven Sandals

Woven sandals hold a timeless classic appeal, perfect for summer. When paired with a summer dress, they create the ultimate boho-chic vibe. Their versatility allows for seamless pairing with both sophisticated dresses and casual denim. No doubt, they’re a valuable and adaptable addition to your collection.


The best thing about women’s slip ons is their ease of wearing, which is so great for light summer outfits. They’re usually comfy, and their vast variety of designs can elevate your casual style to the trendy or classic level, according to your choice. Whether it’s the elegance of loafers, the laid-back vibe of canvas sneakers, or the traditional charm of moccasins, you can wear your slip-ons for many settings and feel you’ve chosen the right shoe for the occasion.


Sneakers paired with summer dresses create a captivating mix of comfort and style, trendy yet laid-back. This pairing challenges traditional fashion norms and introduces a playful and youthful flair to your summer wardrobe.

The casual, sporty nature of sneakers softens the elegance level and complements the feminine silhouette of summer dresses. Whether you choose classic white sneakers or opt for a pop of color, sneakers deliver a stunning look for summer.

Metallic Mules

These gorgeous shoes have the power to transform nearly any dress into an evening gown! Metallic mules infuse a sense of luxurious, delicate elegance. They look like a flattering jewel, adorning and beautifying the foot. These mules shine especially when paired with floral dresses. They’ll effortlessly upgrade them to the level of stylish cocktail attire.

Cowboy Boots

If you’re wondering how cowboy boots fit into this list, visualize this: a light, airy, short white dress paired with sun-kissed legs and eye-catching black and white cowboy boots. No doubts now ha?

Cowboy (or shall we call them cowgirl boots?), can balance the formality of a dress, which is why they’re perfect for outdoor events.

Dare to wear cowboy boots with your best summer dress and you’ll get a powerful, stunning look. But wait, there’s more – Wearing cowgirl boots in summer can also boost your confidence and charisma, and make you stand out in any crowd. So, step into your cowgirl boots and let your chic shine wherever you go.

Style Has No End!

The right pair of shoes can transform any simple summer outfit into something magical.

Whether you’re stepping out in chic sandals, casual sneakers, or bold cowboy boots, your footwear is the finishing touch that defines your outfit’s character.

So experiment, mix and match, discover the countless looks you can create, and let your shoes walk you to your own statement this summer!

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