Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume

Look Cute With The Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume

Fans of Disney movies are always on the lookout for costume inspirations, merch, and style inspirations. One such is the Vanellope Von Schweetz costume derived from a Disney movie called “Wreck-It Ralph”. This costume is easy to get online, or you can do it yourself for yourself and your little girls. There is a detailed guide on putting together a Vanellope Von Schweetz costume below.

What Does The Costume Look Like?

The Vanellope Von Schweetz costume is categorized as a princess dress for girls. However, it is different from the ball gowns and princess dresses most princesses favor. These clothes are made of a top or mini gown-top and a mini skirt or trousers. You can combine the mini skirt with the trousers underneath and pair it with a colorful top. Some people also prefer to wear hand sleeves of the same color as the top or trousers/skirts. Then you can put on a beautiful headpiece that complements the costume.

Where To Wear The Outfit To

Women and girls can wear the Vanellope Von Schweetz costume to compete in races like marathons, and so on. It makes the competition fun when most of the competitors are adorned in colorful race outfits. To complete the ensemble, use vibrant headgear of different colors. On the other hand, it is an ideal getup for Halloween, if you are going for a cute look.

DIY Instructions

Before you begin to make the Vanellope Von Schweetz costume from scratch, you need to be prepared. First measure the person(s) that will wear it, and note their ideal colors, and style preference. That is, one of your girls might like leggings, and the other might choose a skirt, or prefer tights. It is better to make adequate preparations lest you end up producing the wrong outfit. Once you get all these, then you can head to the supply store to get the necessary materials. Another alternative is to order them online for convenience’s sake.

DIY Tools

  • A cutting tool (a scissor would do, but ensure your little ones are not around the sharp object).
  • Acrylic Paint (Purple and White)
  • Paint Brushes (the foam type)
  • Cardboard
  • Yarn or shoelaces (in hot pink color)
  • Bobby pins and candy beads
  • Pipe cleaners (select the red ones)


The skating boot covers (black) are the perfect footwear to complete this costume. If you are not a fan of black, you can go for brown boots instead.


Skater style and mini skirts are quite popular in this age, so it was incorporated into the Wreck-It Ralph movie. Lots of ladies and little girls rock skirts daily. So if your girls are in this group, buy a mini or skater skirt for them. And if you are adept at making clothes for people, then you can see the materials for them.

Hair Accessory

Just put lovely beads and Bobby pins in your hair, and you are good to go.


One of the most common colors of the Vanellope Von Schweetz costume leggings is the mint green color. Yet, several parents found it hard to get the exact color. If this happens, pick an alternative color that is as close to mint green as you can get. You can order ready-made Vanellope Von Schweetz leggings on the internet or do it yourself. A note of caution if you want to do it yourself. It might look easy when you watch DIY videos, but it’s not. You have to paint the lines with spray paint and may end up with uneven color lines. In addition, the paint might show in areas where it is not supposed to.

The Proper Spraying Method

  • Take a picture of Vanellope leggings on your phone as a reference as you start the painting process. This will prevent you from messing up the lines.
  • Get cardboard and make cardboard legs.
  • Slip the leg inside the leggings to make it easier when you paint, as it gives it a flat surface. Furthermore, it keeps the paint from seeping into the back
  • Tape the lines you want to spray on the leggings to the cardboard
  • Proceed to spray the white acrylic paint on the cloth and paint the lines with a foam brush (You may have to repeat the process if the pain isn’t thick). Moreover, the thickness of your spray depends on the thickness of the paint.
  • Allow the paint to dry, but if you are in a hurry, use a fan or blow-dryer. Remove the cardboard from the leggings once the paint dries off to reduce the elasticity of the material and the tape too.
  • Wear the leggings the following day to allow the paint to set well.


You can purchase a mint green top or hoodie. As stated above, you might find it difficult to get the exact color. Don’t worry, there are other colors that look like mint green out there. Additionally, if you opt for online shopping, ensure you check that the weight and size of the top are correct.


In a nutshell, the Vanellope Von Schweetz costume is simple if you order it online. At the same time, it can be a bit complicated if you choose the DIY route. Whichever path you go with, rest assured your loved ones will look cute when they wear the finished product. Just remember, get the right size and color that suits the wearer.


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